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Video Game Vittles: Lion Claws 2018

Video Game Vittles joins in the Lion Claws 2018 organised by Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) one of the oldest milsim organisers in the world... "I was incredibly fortunate to join up with Broken Arrow Las Vegas and have a wonderful first experience  in the world of airsoft at Operation Lionclaws 2018."

VOA Milsim: OLCMSS OP: X - 5

VOA Milsim are back in action, attending the Operation X - 5 "Enemy at the Gates". Organised by OLCMSS, this tool place last 21-23 September 2018 in Fort Monmouth in New Jersey.. "Back at Ft. Monmouth a full squad of VOA hit the buildings once again at Operation X - V. Pyro thrown, BBs shot, and Gas Blow Back abound, what a fun time.

Thanks OLCMSS for putting on another great OP."

AMS: Airsoft Gameplay On A Train

Airsoft Megastore got this sneak peek gameplay footage of the Lion Claws Tactical Challenge where the game scenario involves accomplishing objectives in a train... "We joined the 6mm Knights Of Lancer Tactical in Fillmore, California to sling some plastic on a bunch of trains! Here is a sneak preview of what's to come!"

Operation X Battle Of The 1200 Series Album

See all the fun and action at the Lion Claws Operation X Battle of the 1200 Series 2018 posted by Valken Tactical. The Kaiju himself went there to participate and raffle off goodies for players to win... "Op Lion Claws airsoft event from June 9-10, 2018 at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. SOCOM versus the Horde. Please share and tag yourself and friends!"

Brain Exploder: Lion Claws Tactical Challenge

Brain Exploder goes on a mission that requires boarding trains in this Tactical Challenge from the Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS)... "How often do you get an opportunity like this? Today is a collection showcasing my trip to Fillmore CA to a Train Museum/Yard to do some mission based airsoft. Big shoutout to Lancer Tactical and Airsoft Megastore for making this possible.

Valken Video: Red Storm East 2018

Video from Valken Tactical taken during the Red Storm East 2018 "Phoenix Rising." This event is hosted by the Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) and took place at the Scranton Lace Factory in Scranton, PA last 6-8 April 2018. The venue allowed the use of Enola Gaye EG67 and LMGs for the first time this year.

Valken: OLCMSS Tactical Challenge 2018

Valken Tactical posts the video of the Op Lion Claws Tactical Challenge 2018 which took place in Southern California... "In the hills of southern California, buried in the rail yard of the Fillmore & Western Railroad, Operation Lion Claws presented their 2018 Tactical Challenge. Each corporate partner of the Op Lion Claws Military Tactical Simulation Series is offered to opportunity to present one team to represent their brand in the Op Lion Claws Tactical Challenge 2018 .

Brain Exploder: Snake Forces Me To Snipe

The Brain Exploder posts part 1 of Operation Devil Dog. Organised by Lion Claws, this took place last 8-10 September 8-10 at Range 131... "Part one from the recent Operation Lion Claws event held at Camp Pendleton at Range 131. At the start of the round I take up position in a building that yields some long range shots with my never ending work in progress the Silverback SRS this time rocking what I have dubbed Brain Hop or B-Hop and I was easily reaching enemies at 250+ feet over and over."

Lion Claws Operation Narcos 21 October

Registration is now closed  for the Lion Claws Operation Narcos. This will be held on the 21st of October at Camp Jubilee in Hesperia, CA.. "The CARTEL is backed by Russians and Chinese with hopes to distribute their 'goods' throughout the 'Valley'. The DEA is going after the CARTEL's 'powders', its 'harvest' and its 'weapons cache'!

Which side wants it more?"

Lancer Tactical: Red Storm East Gameplay

Gameplay footage of the Red Storm East 2017 organised by the Operation Lion Claws Military Simulation Series (OLCMSS) by Lancer Tactical... "Today on the Operator we are bringing you some airsoft Game Play from Lion Claws Red Storm East 2017! We believe this is the very last airsoft game that was played in this building before demolition began. David and Alex are both using the Lancer Tactical Advance Recon Carbine and a BrainExploder Mobius PEQ box to record their shots.