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Upgrade Parts From COWCOW Technology

Looking for another airsoft upgrade parts manufacturer? There is a new one based in Hong Kong. Called COWCOW Technology, they would like to introduce their initial offerings... "This brand is a new manufacturer from Hong Kong which specialising on Airsoft parts and accessories. We endeavor to develop our brand as top tier brand in airsoft industry and our products obtains affirmation from airsoft players around the world.

3D Printed Parts For WE G Series

Taktik Airsoft announce that they are now producting 3D-printed parts for the WE Airsoft G (Glock-style) series. If you are looking for a part for your WE G pistol, they might just have it for you... "Presentation of our new 3D parts for WeTech G series mags. They are now available on the website."

Lambda: New Japanese Upgrade Parts Maker

This news reminds of us the movie "Revenge of the Nerds". A new Japanese airsoft upgrade parts maker, Lambda Airsoft, want to introduce themselves to players and business readers of Popular Airsoft... "We're Japanese NEW Airsoft brand, "Lambda Airsoft" from Osaka. Our team is composed of Airsoft professional and CNC specialists. We will release high quality & reliable upgrades. Now our fist items are released "Inner Barrel" and 'VSR-10 upgrades.'

Secutor Velites Parts & Accessories Available

For owners of the Secutor Arms Velites Shotgun Series, aftermarket parts and accessories are now available to support your needs. Rail Sets sughts, valve sets, O-rings, Shotgun Shells, Gas Tank, and more are ready to be ordered in case your Velites has parts or accessories that need replacing.

3DTAC Airsoft: New 3D Printed Parts

A new round of 3D printed airsoft parts are available from 3DTAC Airsoft. Find out in the video if they have something what you have been looking for... "We had to take some time off to help our mexican brother in need, however we didn't stop developing awesome products, we just didn´t had enough time to show them off!"

New Tornado Gearbox Parts Presentation

Find out more about the new geabox parts from Tornad with this video presentation from Gunfire... "Tornado brand new products launched in 2017. Watch the video and take a look at CNC'd parts the internal components for your gearbox such as pistons, piston and cylinder heads, hop-up chamber or gears. All made with the utmost attention to detail and quality components.

Tornado parts available here: http://bit.ly/2p2cmJI."

Are 3D-Printed Airsoft Parts Good?

We are seeing more airsoft parts and accessories being made using 3D Printing by airsoft manufacturers and players. The question is, are they really good? Stan Liu shows his 3D printed parts that so far have been serving him well... "This is a video that about 3D printed parts that I designed for airsoft M4 rifle.

Let me know if you have any comments. I like to hear from you guys."

Action Army Parts For VSR & Type 96

Check these airsoft parts for some of the favourite airsoft sniper rifles such as the VSR-10 and L96 AWS from Action Army that are in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "An overview of the product lineup from Action Army Airsoft - parts for VSR10, Type 96, and L96 AWS sniper rifles. Action Army makes awesome parts and accessories for your AEG, sniper rifle, and much more. Airsoft Atlanta stocks all these."

"Airsoft Needs More OEM Parts Support"

An interesting topic from Gun Gamers and a heads up for airsoft manufacturers on the always mentioned problem of lack of OEM spare parts for airsoft guns...

Find Echo1 USA Parts At Airsoft GI

Brian Holt writes about Airsoft GI as one of the primary sources for airsoft players to go to when they need Echo1 USA airsoft parts... "As an Airsofter you always need to know what your local store has since you never know when you need that spare part, battery, cans of gas and the list goes on. We have the the echo1shop.com for just our products but and it is an online store while Airsoft GI is a walk in store that will have our products and others as well.