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Prototype Division

SRU's Prototype Division Is Now Ready

If you're seeing some new photos from Strike Recon Union (SRU) on their Facebook Pages (they have two), it's about an announcement of their new Prototype Division is now in operation. We're not sure what is meant by their Prototype Division, which they first announced in April 2015, but most probably they will put most of their airsoft gun design ideas in this division for in-house production or for other companies who want to avail of their design services.

SRU Announces New Prototype Division

An announcement from Strike Recon Union (SRU) on Facebook that will surely make us curious about the Prototype Division. Our initial understanding that they will have more rapid prototyping, perhaps with more use of 3D printing technology to create prototypes rapidly then move to production faster than usual... "SRU automatic production plan was officially launched, with advanced production technology to consumer product experiences than ever before!"