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Airsoftology: Airsoft Grenades Are Dumb

Pretty sure the title got your attention as everyone will surely have an opinion on airsoft grenades. Airsoftology's back with the Q&A Mondays and Jonathan Higgs talks about airsoft grenades, M4 troubleshooting, high end guns or upgrade of cheaper ones, just some of the topics for this Q&A show:

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"Parachuting Into An Airsoft Game"

Well? Would you? Somebody must have been spending too many sleepless nights playing PUBG, Fortnite, COD Black Ops, or whatever video game that has a Battle Royale theme. But if ever there is one,  we would love to hear about it. Anyway, that's just one of the questions than Jonathan has to answer in this Airsoftology Q&A episode.

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Eagle6 Airsoft Q&A Show Episode 2

Rich is back with a new episode of the Eagle6 Airsoft Q&A Show to talk about airsoft tech stuff... "In today's episode we answer more of your questions submitted by you the customers. If you have any more questions tech related or otherwise please put them in the comments below for next week and thank you so much for your support in helping us grow."

"Should You Buy Used Airsoft?"

Should you? The answer is totally dependent on what your budget can allow you and it never hurts to buy a used airsoft gun, especially if it is something well-cared and maintained by its previous owner. All you need to do is ensure that the condition is good enough for you to bring it to the field. Airsoftology answers this question plus more in this Q&A episode.

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Cheating At A U.S. SpeedSoft Tourney?

Was there cheating? Well, it is a topic that Jonathan Higgs talks about in this episode of the Airsoftology Q&A, so watch the video to find out what tournament was that. Furtheron, he touches on knock-off EOTechs, Elite Force, and two-tone airsoft guns if they are cool or not. Interesting questions, eh?

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Another Q&A Special By The BB Warrior

Well, an interesting line-up of topics by The BB Warrior such as meme guns, SpeedSoft haters, and college life in this Q&A Special. Questions for this session are submitted his viewers... "Today we're answering questions submitted by you, the fans! The topics range from Airsoft Culture and Cliques, to College Life and Video Games."

Airsoftology Q&A Live With Spartan117gw

Airsoftology does a rare Q&A live show and Jonathan Higgs has as special guest Spartan117gw. This live show was streamed simulataneously on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram from the Airsoft Extreme HQ. It is a also a long episode almost hitting an hour and they answer the questions live this time.

Airsoftology: Real Cost Of Milsim

Is participating in a Milsim game an expensive thing? Well, it depends, as usually the big part is always the travel expenses since a Milsim event can be far from your location. Here is Jonathan Higgs talk about it plus touch other topics such as cheating, gas blowback AK, and team comms in this Airsoftology Q&A Mondays episode:

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Airsoftology Q&A: Counterfeit Glocks

Another round of the Airsoftology Q&A Mondays and the main topic are about counterfeit Glocks, airsoft Glocks, or airsoft pistols bearing the design and markings of Glock but are not officially licensed as Umarex and Cybergun got the official licences. Other topics cover Milsim and aggressive players in this 15 minute episode.

Airsoftology Q&A: Competitive Airsoft?

The question of Competitive Airsoft is always brought up by airsoft players who want to test their skills in a more "tournament" style game. There are competitive airsoft disciplines available right now with the more clear competition rules being seen in airsoft practical shooting/action air, 3-Gun airsoft, and SpeedSoft. Are there others that we forgot to mention?

Here is Jonathan Higgs answering the question in this Airsoftology Q&A episode.