G&P M4 RAS (Marine) AEG At eHobby Asia


The G&P M4 RAS AEG with USMC markings is in stock right now at eHobby Asia... "Truly, a CQB Weapon Electric Powered Airsoft AEG. This has full metal aluminium diecast body Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) from G&P. Except for the Stock, Stock Pad, Pistol Grip & Foregrip, this AEG is entirely metal.


Tokyo Marui MP5A5 RAS Light Pro Review


A more budget-friendly AEG from Tokyo Marui, the Tokyo Marui MP5A5 RAS Light Pro gets reviewed by Mach Sakai. This is a 1:1 scale model made of ABS plastic and powered by 5 AA Batteries. Its is very lightweight but even its entry level specifications, it is a skirmishable AEG especially for close quarters combat. He also finds it fun to use its air cocking feature to fire off a BB when batteries run out.

GHK M4 RAS GBB 14.5 Inch Review


Eddie shows us the new GHK M4 RASS GBB with a 14.5inch barrel which is now available at CRW-Airsoft. This GBB has a steel bolt, barrel and control group, and aluminum receiver and CNC RIS and they say is an excellent gas blowback rifle. After showing us what's in the box, Eddied show us an upgraded version for testing, showing the accessories that he has installed to make it more spiffy.

GHK M4 RAS GBB 14.5 Inch at RedWolf


A RAS version of the GHK M4 Gas Blowback Series is now in stock at RedWolf Airsoft... "Known for its gas efficient magazines and excellent GBBR platforms, GHK is admittedly late to the GBBR M4 bandwagon, but it stands apart from the rest when you compare the performance and external quality to its competitors.

Shooter CNC RAS G36 Handguard


More mounting options for weapons accessories for your G36 airsoft gun with this RAS Handguard made by Shooter available right now at RedWolf Airsoft... "Shooter CNC RAS Hanguard for G36 Series. There are rails everywhere where you can attach your accessories. There's no end to modifications once you've added this to your G36!"

Phantom M4 RAS w/ Adjustable Rails


Say you want more rails? Then Begadi's Phantom M4 RAS with adjustable rails should do the job for you and you configure the rails to fit whatever weapons accessory you want. You can adjust the rails to any angle, just make sure your M4 doesn't get front heavy with all the attachments. Sometimes rails will tempt you to fill them up with whatever rail-mounted gadget you can lay your hands on.

Mid-Length KA FAL RAS Folding Stock AEG


We've been getting emails as to where they can get a FAL Carbine AEG and this link to eHobby Asia might satisfy their queries... "This King Arms FAL Carbine Folding Stock is full metal constructed and equipped with scope mount base and RAS handguard. Reinforced gearbox were used. Metal parts like selector, slings and knobs were used to provide better look and texture. Moreover, each AEG carry a unique in serial number so every piece is one of a kind. Package comes with a PEQ-15 battery case and a 90 rounds magazine.

King Arms Facebook Photos Update


King Arms sent gave us a heads-up of new photos they posted at the King Arms Facebook Page. Well, we have heard about the King Arms Carbon Fibre Silencer Series and the photo above shows one installed on what seems to be an MP9. Also, two photos about their King Arms FAL RAS as shown below, their complete FAL RAS AEGs, and their FAL RAS Upgrade.

Hephaestus AK Modular RAS WE AK PMC


KnuckesGSM made this good video about the Hephaestus Modular AK RAS Rail System which he mounted on the WE AK PMC Open Bolt Gas Blowback Rifle. He is impressed by the build quality and the its features would allow to mount more weapons accessories as compared to its default handguard. Watch the video and see if you like how the rail system looks on the GBB.

New Items & 5% Off CYMA AEGs


Bodom sends in their latest products and promotion at Airsoft Helper. You can apply the RAS Handguard for RPKs when you get that CYMA RPK AEG which has 5% off the retail price at their online store... "We  have are New Product's called AH Strike Steel Half Face Mask(TAN)(Forest Camo)(AH-Mask-TFC), CYMA Aluminum Top Handguard RAS for RPK Series (C.92) and all CYMA AEG 5% Discounted."

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