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ROE Airsoft

One (Too) Hot Summer Day at ROE Airsoft

The summer heat wave will play a lot of tricks on your mind and the ROE Airsoft Team are not immune to it. Here you see their Chief Tech Rob Drury putting some final touches on an airsoft PKM which might have been sent in for repairs or custom work. Now done, he and Mr. G. go into a dancing move that would make the Whirling Dervishes turn green with envy.

ROE Extreme Publicity Open Day 14 July

ROE Airsoft now are testing their latest airsoft venue, the ROE Extreme which is right in Benfleet, just right behind the ROE Airsoft store. This means you can get your gear and airsoft gun from the store, charge the battery of gas magazines, don your loadout, and get in the action. Now, that is cool of getting into the game quick. Photos posted here are just teasers so we really don't know what you can expect from the site, but they guarantee surprises and game satisfaction.

ROE Airsoft Kent Display Room Open

Good news to Kent players with this new ROE Airsoft branch opening in cooperation with G0198 Supplies... "R.O.E has opened there new display and Airsoft retail section in the awesome new G1098 retail store in Cheriton High Street, Kent. This Airsoft retail store we be running in conjunction with Airsoft Plantations new awesome game site A.P SOUTH. We will be posting more details of up and coming game events at A.P South Soon."

ROE Airsoft TV Dry Run Videos

Rules of Engagement Airsoft (ROE Airsoft) are now testing their new YouTube Channel, called ROE Airsoft TV. Not much yet there, but we do expect more videos coming from the boys from Essex. Still some footages taken from mobile phone cameras, but they're planning to go on high definition after the dry run. So here are their first two videos:

GIJohn Music from the Rocky Theme Song