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Shell Ejecting

CWI Airsoft: Rare Arms SR25ER CO2 GBB

The most realistic airsoft SR-25 gas blowback rifle is available right now at CWI Airsoft. The Rare Arms SR-25ER CO2 Gas Blowback Shell Ejecting Rifle has its body and handguard fully CNC'd with 6061 Aluminium Alloy. The aluminium alloy parts have been given the hardened anode surface treatment.

BB2K Airsoft: Rare Arms XR-110 Review

Here now is the full review of the Rare Arms XR-110 Shell Ejecting Gas Blowback Rifle as promised by BB2K Airsoft... "The Rare Arms XR-110 and XR-25 is the new star of the Shell Ejecting GBB Airsoft guns. It is a replica of the famous M110 SASS sniper rifle (SR-25). Weighing 3.3 kg, the rifle feels very good to hold. The full metal and stainless steel closure ensure a good kick and sound when shooting.

Rare Arms XR-110 Shell Eject GBB Teaser

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft uploaded a video showing a teaser of the Rare Arms XR-110 Shell-Ejecting Gas Blowback Rifle. Rare Arms, which is based in Taiwan, produces shell-ejecting gas blowback rifles, useful for more realism on force-on-force training, movie props, and even for airsoft skirmishes. Full review of the rifle will follow soon.

eHobby Asia: APS CAM 870 Police Model

eHobby Asia are proud to announce that the new APS CAM870 Police Model Magnum CO2 Airsoft Shotgun is now in stock... "Based on the design of APM50 Cartridge Ejection Sniper Rifle. A new APS gun – CAM870M Cartridge Airsoft Marker is coming in Q1 2014. CAM870M is a Airsoft shotgun powered by Co2. Similar to our APM50, the power of the gun is coming from the cartridge itself.

Rare Arms XR25-EC Exclusively at Redwolf

OB sends in their latest news posts from HTIS Media on what is available at RedWolf Airsoft UK, such as this Rare Arms XR25-EC Shell Ejecting Blowback Rifle... "The Rare Arms XR25-EC or rather the SR25 is a full metal, shell ejecting, gas blow back rifle. In the box the rifle comes with 2 stamped steel magazines with a 15 round capacity each, and 30 6mm cartridges. The SR25 is CO2 powered with the CO2 bulb situated within the pistol grip.

SOCOM Gear Barrett M107 GBB at RedWolf

This Big Bad SOCOM Gear Barrett M107 Shell Ejecting GBB is now available at RedWolf Airsoft. The price? It's US$1,550.00... "This SOCOM Gear has created the most spectacular M107 to date with official licensing from Barrett Rifles. The real steel .50cal weighs in at a hefty 12.9kg (when empty), and the SOCOM Gear is no toy either as it weights more than 10kg (Just the gun itself).

Rare Arms XR25-EC GBB Videos

CWI Airsoft are now taking orders for the unique Rare Arms XR25-EC Gas Blowback. What makes this unique as it is a shell ejecting gas blowback rifle making it more realistic in function and action, though it doesn't come with realistic muzzle flash and gun sound. At their site, you can find links to videos about the products which you can watch below:

Rare Arms XR25 Shell Ejecting GBB Pre-Order

[Action] Airsoft sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders for the Rare Arms XR25 Shell-Ejecting GBB. This can be powered with CO2 and come with aluminium casings for the BBs, stainless steel bolt, steel stamped magazne, simulated ejection actuator, and recoil is solid. One CO2 cylinder can fire around 35-40 rounds.

As for the price, it is NT$42,000 and will be available by the end of January 2015.

TOP Japan M16VN Shell Ejecting EBB

Eddie reviews the TOP Japan M16VN Shell Ejecting EBB which is in stock right now at CRW-Airsoft... "The Top (Japan) New Design Shell Ejecting Blowback System can make you enjoy the most realistic shell loading, firing, shell ejecting and Blow Back like a real steel. It is operated by electric power and the rate of fire can be up to 11rounds per second!


Top Shell Ejecting M4 SOPMOD AEG

The Top Japan Shell Ejecting M4 Blowback AEG gets another variant and it's the SOPMOD version which you can get from eHobby Asia for US$610.00... "Top (Japan) New Design Shell Ejecting Blowback System can make you enjoy the most realistic shell loading, firing, shell ejecting and Blow Back like a real steel, thus, operated by electric power. Rate of firing can be up to 11rounds per second!