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Shooting Drills

Top 5 Advanced Shooting Drills

Some more shooting drills from Tactical Rifleman that you might want to do with your team..."Frangible Ammo was used to film this video.   This week, on Tactical Rifleman, we are going to cover Karl’s Top 5 Advanced Drills for CQB Shooting. Yes, there are hundreds of great drills out there. However, first and foremost, new shooters need to develop muscle memory. That takes thousands (7-9k) of repetitions of the same CORRECT movements and actions.

Navy SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills

In this episode from the Tactical Rifleman, a Navy SEAL shows his top three shooting drills... "Ok Tactical Rifleman Nation, this week I am giving my loyal viewers my Top 3 shooting drills. As we all know, shooting drills can be anywhere from super basic to ultra-complex and everything in between. Throughout my career I have honed my rifleman skills utilizing a variety of these drills.