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Shootmyash Widens Scope at SHOT 2014

With SHOT Show 2014 to start next week, Shootmyash will be there as they widen their scope for their wireless interactive target platform. This means from their initial roots of providing Shootmyash for the airsoft market, they now have expanded their product to handle dry fire, laser fire, and live fire shooting practices too. Shootmyash is a versatile target system that is interactive and can give immediate feedback to the shooter.

FBI-Style Pistol Training for Airsoft

Shootmyash came out with a new app to give FBI Style Pistol training for airsoft working with the Shootmyash interactive targets... "New 60 round FBI pistol qualification course adapted to Airsoft with mobile scoring apps and Leaderboard for competition. Thanks to Eric Phinney of Darkwood Personal Defense for shooting examples."

Shootmyash: "Light `em Up with Airsoft"

Don sent in the latest development in their effort to integrate the Philips Hue Wireless Lighting (and perhaps the Philips LED Lightstrip as shown in the photo) with their Shootmyash System. This is a forward thinking effort on their part as they can keep the costs down by integrating a Commercial Off The Shelf System (COTS) rather than building their own where costs might just become higher.

Shootmyash Target Lights Experiment

An interesting video from Shootmyash as they look into an off the shelf solution to produce lighting effects on airsoft targets. With 16 million colours, the Philips Hue Lighting can be configured to show myriads of light combinations and achieve certain effects for shootera looking at targets. All Shootmyash need to do if they can program a software to make their Shootmyash work together with Philips Hue. Videos from Shootmyash and Philips Hue to see the potential below:

Airsoft Field Missions with Wireless Targets

Probably the most interesting app for the Shootmyash SmartAsh Target Shooting system especially for airsoft players who prefer to play in a skirmish rather than merely shootng at targets, the HORDE app is Shootmyash's 13th application. Players or teams go for the assigned target numbers and race against each other to hit the wireless targets. They have to be careful at shooting at the targets since they might help the opponent.

ShootmyAsh 5-Target System Video

Noted practical shooter Masanori Nakahara shows what he can do with the Shootmyash Target System and even if he explains the 5-target system, the actual demo speaks a lot of what he wants to share without the need of the Japanese language. The US-made Shootmyash System can be configured into many different settings for various types of airsoft target shooting sports, and practical shooters see the big value they get especially its immediate feedback and scoring system.

Wall Mounting the SmartAsh For Small Sites

You want to get the Shootmyash Smartash targets for your indoor facility but you want to mount it on the wall? Shootmyash has this video of being able to mount the smart targets to the wall by using existing off-the-shelf TV mounts eliminating the need to make your own... "Adapting 12in-32in / 30cm-81cm TV flat panel mounts for Airsoft targets. Tilt and rotation control for pellet deflection in small shooting areas."

Shootmyash Installed at Battlefield Airsoft

From London yesterday to a place near Philadephia for today's news post. Shootmyash is going places, nationally and internationally. Here's a footage of Shootmyash at a game site where players try their shooting skills in various setups. We see a potential of this system where players check their airsoft guns prior to a game and to keep those with itchy trigger fingers occupied and also organise an in between games friendly target-shooting competitions.

Shootmyash Gets Tested In London

At The Range near Edgware Road Station to be exact. It seems that the guys had fun testing it and Don wanted us to try it too, and since there's one now in near us, then we'd better call up Benny at The Range to expect us to check it out too... "We are testing the Shootmyash Targets at the Range! These are great fun.. we are still working our way through the games that can be played on this but so far its FUN FUN FUN."

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Bang For Airsoft

Newly developed airsoft app by Shootmyash takes on a classic game played by children and adults alike all over the world... "EXTON, Pa., January 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Shootmyash, manufacturer and software publisher of wireless interactive target entertainment and training systems, announced today the beta release of ‘RPS Bang’ a live multi-shooter Airsoft targeting application inspired by Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS).