At SHOT Show 2023: Wolverine Airsoft & Heretic Labs


There are still more videos from taken at the SHOT 2023 and this video features Wolverine Airsoft and Heretic Labs, where Rich tells what they have been concocting... "We met Rich from Wolverine Airsoft in PTS Syndicate's booth at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. He showed the upcoming “EPM MTW” magazine, which is fully compatible with Wolverine Airsoft’s MTW platform, so it offers the empty mag detection functionality.

Evike With Elite Force At SHOT Show 2022

OptimusPrime roamed the halls of the Sands Expo during the SHOT Show 2022 and visited the booth of Elite Force to find out what they have on display. They take a look at the Elite Force's First HK LMG, Full Metal HK MP5SD, Glock 42, etc... "Elite Force is starting this year with an impressive lineup of new Airsoft Guns coming in 2022. Check out what they have in store!"

SHOT Show 2021 Is Cancelled


One of the biggest trade fairs in which you will see a good portion of the airsoft industry under one roof, the SHOT Show, has its 2021 edition cancelled. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearm industry trade association, announced the news citing the Covid-19 pandemic as reason for its cancellation. Will the other trade event that the airsoft industry and media look forward to, the IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany, follow suit?

Press release below:

Wolverine HPA At SHOT Show 2020


We still have some videos from the SHOT Show 2020 taken by Airsoft Station, and in this video they feature Wolverine Airsoft. Find out what Rich Lort presents that are part of the existing and soon to be released HPA airsoft offerings for the year... "Wolverine Airsoft, show off their latest products at Shot Show 2020."

T.REX Arms: "SHOT Show 2020 Was A Disaster"


In their second visit to the SHOT Show, it was a disaster for the T.Rex Arms as they said failed in their plans of having more videos. Isaak Botkin explains why, though really the video shows what they did at the SHOT Show... "A disaster for the video team, anyhow. A disaster of our own making."

Valken Kilo Tracer Unit At Shot Show 2020


Valken Tactical got their own Tracer Unit product called the Valken KILO Tracer Unit and it's available to order by resellers right now... "The Valken Kilo Tracer Unit is one of the smallest airsoft barrel mounted tracer units in airsoft. It's improved illuminator uses two high powered UV LED's that enhance BB glow activation for an ultra bright trace.

AI Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade At SHOT Show 2020


Valken gives us a quick look at the new Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Timer Sound Grenade that was on display at the SHOT Show 2020... "This is made of full metal construction that uses common powder nail driving cartridges to produce 3 different levels:

Airsoftology With The ASG USW At SHOT Show 2020


That's not ASG's Thomas Mikkelsen, but it's Jonathan Higgs of Airsoftology wearing Thomas' sunglasses as he visits their booth during the SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas. He scrutinizes an upcoming product from ASG which they can now hold unlike before where we weren't able to touch it at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019. So what does he think of it?

Valken ASL+ Kilo.45 AEG At SHOT Show


The Kaiju shows the Valken ASL+ Kilo.45 AEG that was on display at the SHOT Show 2020... "The Valken ASL+ Series Kilo.45 AEG adds several new features to our normal ASL Series rifles. Valken has upgraded the internal components to provide less stress on the gearbox, including a 22:1 ration gear set, piston with full metal teeth, and radial cuts in the gearbox shell. The ASL+ series also comes with a rotary style hop-up unit with locking increment settings.

Femme Fatale At Elite Force SHOT Show 2020


Femme Fatale Airsoft was hard at work visiting airsoft booths during the SHOT Show 2020 and here she gets hold of Nigel, also known as Diles46, to talk about the offerings from Elite Force for 2020... "The last video from SHOT Show 2020, I speak to Nigel about what's new for 2020 from Elite Force!"

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