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SKW Airsoft

Secutor Velites Ferrum Metal Airsoft Shotguns

A new series from Secutor Arms, the Velites Ferrum S-Series Airsoft Shotguns, is announced by  SKW Airsoft... "The new Velites S (spring) line called FERRUM, that means “iron” in Latin, and will be available very soon in the market. This name honours the construction in metal of the new Velites S family, offering to the users the realism of a metal shotgun and the reliability of the spring.


Secutor Arms Rudis Custom Pre-Order

SKW Airsoft are taking pre-orders for the upcoming Secutor Arms Rudis Custom CO2 Blowback Pistol... "'Hunter' is the meaning of my name, my motto: 'When the Secutor speaks, the enemy is silenced' and my Rudis is the sword that demonstrates that I am the best in hand to hand combat. The sword once was the most feared close quarters weapon, nowadays the gun has claimed its throne. This is the new Rudis, and you... the new Secutor.

Saigō Defense Airsoft Brand From SKW Airsoft

SKW Airsoft annouce SAIGŌ Defense, a new airsoft brand that brings spring, gas and electric airsoft guns to the market. Named after Saigō Takamori, considered to be the "last true samurai", and one of the great nobles in the help lead the Meiji Restoration in 19th Century Japan... "SAIGŌ Defense arrives on the market with 3 product lines to meet the demand of different publics."

SKW Airsoft Secutor Arms BELLUM Series

Another series of Secutor Arms pistols, the Bellum series, are set to be introduced to the market next month via SKWAirsoft... "'Si vis pacem, para bellum' (if you want peace, prepare for war) introduces the new Secutor pistol called BELLUM. The 3 models of this new range will be available in mid-September. More information soon!"

Secutor Gladius 17 Custom Pre-Order

SKW Airsoft are now taking reservations for the Secutor Arms Gladius 17 Custom Gas & CO2 Pistol in Bronze and Navy Grey colours... "Both models include all the internal and external improvements of this Gladius second generation, besides an exclusive edition of spare parts. It comes with aCompensator, High mount to use an RMR, RMR installed, and RMR battery."

Delta Tactics Yakuza AEP Now In Tan

SKWAirsoft sent in news last week that the Delta Tactics Yakuza AEP is available in tan... "The new AEP Yakuza presents the autonomy and performance required by high end users. Yakuza gun belongs to a new AEP generation. This new generation improves the battery and inside electronics.

IWA Outdoor Classics 2017: SKW Airsoft

Ruben of SKW Airsoft presents the products the variours products they had on display at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 under the Secutor Arms such as the Gladius 17 and Velites Shotguns, which are the upcoming airsoft guns this year. Also on display were the Duel Code Bomb Simulators and Zoxna Mortars.

Secutor Enters Airsoft With Rudis Range

Secutor Arms, based in Taiwan, announce in their entry into the airsoft market with their "Rudis Range" of Gas/CO2 Blowback handguns with their VI in Black, III IN Gold, and XI in Silver... "We are SECUTOR, which means “hunter”. Secutors were feared gladiators, experts in hand-to-hand combat, and their sword was the most feared weapon at short distances. Nowadays, this gun takes its place among the warriors who venture into CQB short distances."

Femme Fatale Airsoft: Zoxna Mini Moscart

It's the turn of Femme Fatale Airsoft to review the SKW Airsoft Zoxna Mini Launcher/Moscart as furnished by RDX Tactical... "Overall, I am really impressed with the Zoxna Mini Moscart Launcher and think it's a fun piece of kit to use! The units retail at £39.99 from RDX and come in both Red and Black, and honestly? It's probably the best 40 quid you could spend on an attachment for your primary. The unit is relatively cheap to purchase and fill with gas/beebs but is super fun!"

Hyperdouraku: Zoxna Mini Launcher Review

The Zoxna Mini Launcher by SKW Airsoft is now in Japan and top Japanese airsoft blog, Hyperdouraku reviews it. This is a nifty launcher that you can use for your pistol or rifle that has an under rail and can be a game saving device when you run out of ammo in your magazine but confronted with multiple enemies, especially in a CQB game.