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Classic Army M24 LTR Gameplay Video

Swamp Sniper starts testing the improved Classic Army M24 LTR Airsoft Sniper Rifle with this gameplay video... "Testing out the new and improved Classic Army M24 LTR airsoft sniper rifle with gameplay at Ballahack Airsoft Field. I will do a full review video on this once I've tested it enough. This model shoots amazing so far. The magazine may need to break in a little bit. It's shooting at 1.71 Joules or 430 fps with .20s. I was using HPA .36 gram bbs shooting at 315 fps.

BB2K Airsoft: SOCOM Gear M200 Cheytac

BB2K Airsoft got a big one to review in the form of the SOCOM Gear M200 Cheytec Intervention Sniper Rifle that fires 8mm BBs... "The Airsoft Sniper Rifle Cheytac M200 Intervention by Socom Gear is a licensed full metal replica in 1/1 scale. The rifle from films such as "Shooter" from 2007 but also computer games are well known.

The Bodybuilder Vs Airsoft Sniper

Houston Jones, the Bodybuilder on YouTube, is back with a new airsoft episode. He tests himself against high FPS airsoft sniper so let's see his pain threshold. Please be reminded to no try this at home or in the airsoft field... "In this episode of Bodybuilder VS I get shot by a high FPS Airsoft Sniper! A mere mortal would fail this extremely painful airsoft gun challenge but I feel no pain at all!"

UK Airsoft Sniper Competiton 2018

Hunteering is hosting the UK Airsoft Sniper Championship 2018. The concept is interesting as it will test the skills of airsoft snipers in conditions that is set by another party. The event will be on the 19th to 20th of May 2018 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Now if only those airsoft snipers on YouTube can join in this competition and really prove their worth...

Airsoft Sniper Vs. White Walkers Gameplay

Dundich sent this gameplay video of White Walkers in a video game. If you think yourself as Jon Snow of airsoft, you mighty like this gameplay. Winter is already coming, so might as well squeeze any GoT stuff that can made for an airsoft game... "New Game Type (VIDEO): White Walkers - Two parts Airsoft Game.

The First part of the Game:

DesertFox Airsoft: Sneaky Airsoft Sniper

DesertFox Airsoft gets back into a sniper mode in this gameplay video. The sniper rifle he uses is the ASG MacMillam USMC M40A3 Sportline Sniper Rifle. This is a fully-licensed bolt action airsoft sniper rifle with adjustable trigger pull and bolt stroke. Since it is a sportline model, it is very much affordable for those looking for an entry-level airsoft sniper rifle.

Swamp Sniper: The Longest Sniper Shot

The Swamp Sniper shows you how he did the longest airsoft sniper shot in this video. If you have a video of an even longer range one, feel free to send us link... "Swamp Sniper here getting the longest airsoft sniper shot I've ever recorded with a laser range finder using the Novritsch SSG 24. This airsoft sniper gameplay comes from Revelations Fertile Crescent III, an open world post apocalyptic event with hundreds of players.

Unicorn Leah: My First Time Sniping

Unicorn Leah turns into an airsoft sniper with the G&G SR25 during a game at the Wildlands Airsoft Park... "Unicorn Leah tries out the sniper role with an SR25 variant, the G&G GR25 at Wildlands Airsoft Park at Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA. The original plan was to use a bolt action VSR10 with Novritsch tuning kit, but the VSR10 was having major consistency issues (about a 6 foot grouping). The SR25 commonly fulfills the DMR/Sniper role at airsoft games.

Wolverine Airsoft Bolt Sniper Rifle Review

In this episode of the Amped Airsoft Honest Guys Review, they get to review the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt HPA-powered Sniper Rifle... "Anthony and Matt are in the studio today to finally bring you guys a review of the Wolverine Airsoft Bolt! This innovative drop in system for bolt action sniper rifles is one of the coolest HPA upgrades for an airsoft replica on the market to date, and we want you guys to see more about it if you haven't yet!

LSG's Sniper Rifle CQB No Scope Gameplay

A bolt action sniper rifle with no scope for CQB game, hmmm... let's watch how it goes with this video from LastStandGamers... "A short segment of action from a rather intense fast paced mission using a single shot bolt action sniper rifle in CQB. It was defiantly a challenge but each kill was so rewarding."