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DesertFox Airsoft: Op. Frostbite Clutch Sniper

DesertFox Airsoft heads to Central California for Hill 559's Operation: Frostbite milsim event... "Operation: Frostbite is a milsim 'light' style of airsoft game.  There are uniform requirements and team infrastructure, such as squads with squad leaders.  The field still allows players to use high capacity winding magazines and players can revive each other back into the game without being a medic class.

DesertFox Sniper DMR Gameplay

Video footage from the Swamp Sniper showing a sniper/DMR gameplay with Jet of DesertFox Airsoft... "Airsoft Sniper DMR Gameplay with the Swamp Sniper and Jet Desert Fox in the swamps at Ballahack Airsoft Field for Elite Force Day.  I'm using what I believe is the best stock airsoft dmr sniper rifle, the Limited Edition HK G28.  Check out our story as the day unfolds."

Cleanshot's The Last Sniper Gameplay

Another airsoft sniper gameplay and it's Cleanshot, the Dutch Airsoft Sniper, doing the stealth shooting... "Today this sniper gameplay video is played at my local site called : Balls and Arrows in my hometown Lelystad. I decided to do a low profile approach in this woodland area by sneaking arround.. The leaves have fallen of and winter has kicked in.

Brain Exploder Sniper: Run for the Hills

Final video from the Brain Exploder as he plays as a sniper with the Silverback Airsoft SRS in Operation Acquisition... "Third and final game of the day at Operation Acquisition and once more we are trying to take the hill this time with some success. Please note it was fairly windy that day so there is a lot of curvature to my BBs.

Recorded at Warped OPs Airsoft Park."

EdGi Pistons For Sniper Rifles At Begadi

Begadi now have in stock one of the most sought after upgrade parts for airsoft snipers, the EdGi Pistons... "The EdGi tuning parts are probably among the best Spring Sniper tuning parts available on the market. Begadi now released pistons for the most common spring sniper systems on the market.

WGC Shop: KA MDT TAC21 & LSS Pre-Orders

Fully licensed King Arms MDT TAC21 and LSS Sniper Rifles are now on pre-order at WGC Shop... "Hi there, to dear all sniper rifle enthusiasts, we are pre-ordering the super cool, next-gen gas sniper rifle made by King Arms. They are all AR platform based, the stock and tube are compatible with AEG M4 ones, and the grips are compatible with M4 GBB ones, which can make your King Arms MDT TAC21 more combative and personalised!"

AONW $600 Budget Challenge: SNIPER

Is US$600 more than enough or not in putting together an airsoft sniper loadout? Time to find out in this Airsoft Outlet Northwest video... "Someone requested a sniper loadout, so we threw a pretty solid one together for a little under $600 bucks! Do you have an idea for a budget and a loadout? Let us know!"

Amoeba Striker Sniper AS-01 Now Shipping

The Ares Airsoft Amoeba Strike Sniper AS-01 is now released and shipping to your favourite airsoft retailers. This is available in a several colours... "We are proud to announce that AMOEBA brand new Power Spring sniper, STRIKER (AS-01) is released and the shipment is ready.

The design concept of Striker is total new, the key features are :

Bodgeups Airsoft: Cheater At NAE 2016

Bodgeups Airsoft, who we had the pleasure to be playing in our group during the National Airsoft Festival 2016 has this footage of someone not acknowledging his hit... "Here's the first of my 'NAE Stories' from this year's National Airsoft Event. Unfortunately, it's a negative start...

This has to be the most blatant case of cheating I've ever captured on camera. Please airsofters, DON'T CHEAT. It ruins the game.

Airsoftology: Sniper Rifles Overrated?

Are Airsoft Sniper Rifles overrated? Jonathan Higgs looks into this and more for this Airsoftology Q&A episode... "In this week's Q&A show Jonathan tackles your questions on; First person video camera tips (1:51), futuristic airsoft loadouts (3:16), a sniper rifle as your first gun (4:51), does expensive gear help your mindset (6:43) and can using respirators in a game cause you health issues (8:47)."