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Custom Sniper Rifle at

Fancy a custom sniper rifle from good folks of AirsoftWorld/Airsoft Scotland, check this one out... "Very much a one-off, this particular rifle is the result of Frenchie & Duncan experimenting to find out how VSR-compatible these rifles actually are...So - it has a G-Spec hop unit & barrel, a G-Spec cylinder head, original piston & spring guide as this gave smoother operation for some reason and a Laylax 110SP spring.


Star Releases AW-338 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Star Airsoft Accessories, first established in 2002 to meet the growing demand of wargamers and developed their own "Burst System" for their airsoft products, have released the AW-338, their airsoft version of the popular L-96 sniper rifle. Made of Nylon Fiber + Aluminium Allow, it has a velocity of 350-380fps and comes with a scope mount and 3.5-10 x 40mm M3 scope.


TDI Arms SRS Sniper Stock

From the TDI website... "A Sniper Stock that provides tactical solutions to the operator's needs. A Revolutionary rear folding leg coverts an M16 or other sniper rifles with a bipod into a stable tripod shooting platform. Greatly improves shooting accuracy. Faster target acquisition time Quick adjustment for static or moving target acquisition.