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SRU SR-SNP-10 Kit For VSR-10

The latest project from SRU GBB is not a new conversion kit for a gas blowback airsoft gun but for the best selling Tokyo Marui VSR-10 System. You can give your VSR-10 a very futuristic look with the SRU SR-SNP-10 Kit which lessens the overall length of the VSR-10 whilst maintaining the same barrel length. They are now taking pre-orders with free shipping right now.

The Latest Products At eHobby Asia

A nice list of goodies that you might want for Christmas can be found at eHobby Asia. Check out the Umarex G28 GBB in RAL8000 or the Legends MP40 GBB for your next primary GBB. You can also get the SRU G35 Carbine Pistol GBB as primary for CQB or put together the System PTW M4 CQBR MAX2 Kit. Other arrivals are the EAC Cybergun FN MK17 AEG, Thermacell Mosquito Repellent, the TAF Custom HK45CT GBB, and the 5.11 Tactec Plate Carrier in Multicam.

Booligan: SRQ AEG AR Advanced Kit

Booligan Airsoft & Shooting Sports reviews the SRU SRQ AEG AR Advanced Kit. Comprised of a Sniper Stock and One Piece Front Grip, this is designed for Marui and KWA and compatible AR AEGs and giving a more futuristic look to you AR AEG. Booligan has it installed on the Echo1 AR57 AEG... "Bring your AEG M4 into the future with the SRU SRQ Advanced kit!"

The Hot New Products At eHobby Asia

eHobby Asia sends in news about their hottest products at their online store. They know have the APS EMG Falkor Defense AEGS in stock as well as the SRU HMA Kit for AK rifles. The Desert Eagle GBB Pistol from Cybergun is now in stock and other stuff from Mafioso Airsoft and Dango are also available for you to check out. More by clicking the links below:

eHobby: New Release & Professional Gear Sale

A batch of new releases have landed at eHobby Asia and you'll like them. They got the new ShowGuns Kingsman Pistol Shotgun, the 2017 HTs-14 from Hephaestus Airsoft, and the WE Samurai Edge V2 B.Burton GBB. Other arivals are the G&P WOC Extreme BattleRail 9" PDW GBB, SRU Advanced Grip and the INFORCE APL Gen3 Auto Pistol Light.

Don't forget about their Professional Gear Sale too as it is ongoing right now.

eHobby News: Pro Gear Sale & Hot Products

Another sale and more hot products at eHobby Asia. With their Professional Gear Sale, you can get up to 50% of the products they have put on sale. As for the hot products, they got stuff from Umarex/VFC, SRU, EAC, CAAAD, Nextorch, APS, Magpul, and 5.11 Tactical. Links below:

Umarex (VFC) HK45 Compact Tactical GBB

Elysium AK47 Mod Kit For Airsoft By SRU

Is it a coincidence? Last week, me and Master Chief were just talking about the AK47 rifle used by Matt Damon in the movie "Elysium" wherein the front-end of the rifle is equipped with an attachment for firing Air Burst/E Fuse/Explosive Rounds, sorta a futuristic grenade launcher that allows for reflex sight to be mounted. The prop was designed by concept artist Aaron Beck.

SRU SRQ AR GBB Advanced Kit

You might want to give your airsoft AR a more distinct look with this SRU SRQ AR Advanced Kit. Available in OD Green and Black, it comes with a Sniper Stock for GBB version and a One-Piece Front grip. This kit can fit Marui/WE/KSC/GHK/Viper AR Gas Blowback Rifles and you can order it for US$99, a drop from the original price of US$120.00.

Mach Sakai: SRU PDW-P3 Kit

The 3D Printed SRU PDW-P3 Kit for G18C gas blowback pistols are available now in Japan and Mach Sakai tests a kit to find out it performs. This kit converts the Marui-compatible G18C GBB Pistol into a PDW for a stable shooting platform to use in CQB games. This usually works with Tokoy Marui G18C GBBs as well as the WE Airsoft G18C.

Evike: SRU G5 & AK47 3D Printed Kits

Available now at the are the 3D printed conversion kits from SRU Prototype Division. For fans of bullpup airsoft guns, these kits allow you to convert the GHK G5 GBB SMG and the WE AK47 PMC into Bullpup Rifles. Matt shows you the custom guns they built using these bullpup conversion kits in this video.