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Stone Breaker

TCA Stone Breaker 5 Vehicle Assault

Boonie Bros go for more territory via vehicle assault during the Third Coast Airsoft Stone Breaker 5... "In this video we attempted an airsoft vehicle assault to try to take over as much territory as possible while eliminating all enemy targets. Stonebreaker 2018 was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft at the Government Training Institute in Barnwell, South Carolina."

TCA Stone Breaker 2018: Helo Search & Rescue

Footage from Dark Horse 6 Milsim on the Third Coast Airsoft Stone Breaker 2018 that took place last 4-6 May 2018... "DH6 heads back down to SC for Third Coast Op Stone Breaker 5 at GTI. This was a 4 man team to relay any intel of what we see in the air down to command and complete the mission by conducting a search and rescue ground mission for a downed pilot."

Stone Breaker 5 Helo/Combat SAR

Third Coast Airsoft posted an album containing photos of the Helo/Combat Search and Rescue during their Stone Breaker 5 event. The AO was the Government Training Institute in Barnwell, South Carolina last 4-6 May 2018. This event was sponsored by Airsoftjunkiez, Tippmann, PTS Syndicate, Enola Gaye, High Powered Airsoft, ZShot, Wolverine Airsoft, and Tacticool Imaging.