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Systema Engineering

PTW 10th Anniversary Special Model

Almost a month ago, we wrote about the upcoming Systema PTW 10th Year Anniversary Special Model though information was sparse and we only had an illustration of the model. Now, Kumi Yoshida, the CEO of Systema Engineering sent in more information ahout the special model.

Systema Special Micro Switch Device Receiver

Looks like the newly released Systema Micro Switch Device just got snapped up quickly by resellers and customers worldwide and Systema Engineering are releasing another batch again. Also, in this update they are releasing a receiver made specially for the Micro Switch Device... "Dear SYSTEMA Major Dealers. Thank you for waiting! Please see the announcement of the special receiver for the microswitch device.

We start accepting the reservation.

ASGI At SHOT Show 2015: ZShot

It's the ZShot booth in this video as Bob makes his rounds for the Airsoft GI coverage of the SHOT Show 2015... "New guns from Z Shot at Shot Show 2015 include a new modular Amoeba hand guard features interchangeable grips, lights, lasers, and more. Also from Z Shot is the new ODIN Speed Loader! This new loader will hold 2000 bbs and can be easily stored in a double M4 magazine pouch and can load a mid cap magazine in 3 quick turns. Milsimers rejoice!

Systema Pendulum Target Videos

Systema Engineering sent in an update on their newly released Pendulum Target. For those interested in this target system, this is a limited run with 300 pieces to be released and they just finished the first batch that is already shipped. Below are two videos showing how it works.

DesertFox Exclusive: Systema American PTW

We get to take a look at the prototype of the Systema American PTW at ZShot in this exclusive video by DesertFox Airsoft. The Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver and Buffer Tube are all made in the USA, CNC'd to fit the Systema Gearbox and the new KUMI Motor. These are all Milspec and made with real firearms parts. You will probably be guessing by now how much will these costs when finally released to the airsoft market.

RWA PTW CNC Adjustable Hop-Up

RWA is getting more prolific at releasing new products at here's their latest release available at RedWolf Airsoft... "The RWA PTW Adjustable Hop-Up takes tried and true hop-up design concepts and applies them to the PTW system with precision engineering.

`Merican PTW Version Coming In Summer `14

Posted two days ago by ZShot is an announcement that PTW made specifically for the US Market will be released in Summer 2014. Not much details on what the "`Merican PTW" with the exception of the PTW being combined with American innovation. The PTW in the video is a bit out of focus to really make out the features, but it's ROF is crazy high. How high? Find out in the video.

PTS Mega Arms Billet for Systema PTW M4

Systema PTW M4 owners have something to rejoice about. They cannow customise theb look of their PTWs with the newly released PTS Syndicate Mega Arms Upper and Lower M4 Receivers apart from getting the PMAGs readily available for the PTWs... "New Product - PTS Mega Arms Billet Lowers, Billet Upper for Systema PTW M4!

The upper & lower receivers are 100% CNC machined from 6061 aluminum with black hard anodized surface.

PTW Motor Codename "KUMI" Announced

What Systema Engineering has just revealed is their newest and greatest motor release for use with their PTW series. PTW users have always dealt with the motor the of Systema PTW, even with the N7511-type motor that was released in April 2013. According to Kumi Yoshinoda, Systema Engineering CEO, "the reaction of the market [to the N7511 motor] was unsatisfactory."

Systema Challenge Kits Xmas Promo

Planning to part with your hard earned money to buy a Systema PTW for yourself? Time to find some better deals to keep more money for yourself and Emperion Store are offering reduced prices for you on their Systema Challenge Kits. You can select from the TW5-A3 which is the MP5 version of the PTW to their CQBR-Max 2013 edition.