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Tactical Rifleman

Top 5 Advanced Shooting Drills

Some more shooting drills from Tactical Rifleman that you might want to do with your team..."Frangible Ammo was used to film this video.   This week, on Tactical Rifleman, we are going to cover Karl’s Top 5 Advanced Drills for CQB Shooting. Yes, there are hundreds of great drills out there. However, first and foremost, new shooters need to develop muscle memory. That takes thousands (7-9k) of repetitions of the same CORRECT movements and actions.

Tactical Rifleman: New Pistol Camera

Tactical Rifleman featue a built-in pistol camera from Viridian Weapon Technologies available to use by LEOs... "If you’ve seen the news over the last few years, Officer Involved Shootings (OICs) seem to grab headlines more often than not. A lot of times everyone is focused on the Body Cam footage, and what it shows. And as we’ve seen all too often, that Body Cam footage doesn’t help us because it’s blocked or for some other reason doesn’t capture the reason the officer pulled the trigger.

Navy SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills

In this episode from the Tactical Rifleman, a Navy SEAL shows his top three shooting drills... "Ok Tactical Rifleman Nation, this week I am giving my loyal viewers my Top 3 shooting drills. As we all know, shooting drills can be anywhere from super basic to ultra-complex and everything in between. Throughout my career I have honed my rifleman skills utilizing a variety of these drills.

Tactical Rifleman: FLIR Thermosight

Tactical Rifleman features the FLIR Thermosight Pro, a weapon-mounted thermal sight. According to the company this features a 12 µm pixel pitch sensor and 19mm lens, the PTS233 delivers brilliant, clean thermal imaging with a 12° × 9.5° field of view for greater precision. The entire ThermoSight Pro Series offers an uncompressed video signal, a high definition display, and shot-activated video recording.

Pistol Fighting Off Your Back Tips

Tactical Rifleman gives another shooting tip when you are in a position that you might find uncomfortable... "Many people never learn to shoot from “less then ideal” positions. In real life, I can think several reasons that would put me on my back. Here is one method that I use for getting back up. Post one foot, lay the other flat. Post the opposite side hand and swing your flat leg through to the knee (ensure the knee is placed wide from the other foot so it gives you a wide base).

Tactical Rifleman: Navy SEAL Hidden IFAK

Tactical Rifleman shows the IFAK that is in use by the Navy SEALs and stresses on the importance in using first aid kits issued to them apart from being trained in firearms and tactics... "This week on Tactical Rifleman I go over the basic IFAK kit carried by a majority of Naval Special Warfare operators. I say majority because the realm of medical treatment in combat is constantly and innovatively evolving.

The Tactical Rifleman On The Ryker Grip

Tactical Rifleman feature the Ryker Grip, the a Navy SEAL's favourite rifle grip as he explains in the video... "This week I give a quick down and dirty on a great option for your rifle: the Ryker grip. We tested this side mounted grip with a series of target acquisition drills on one of my personal rifles and, in my opinion, performed exceedingly well. Over my military career I have always used a bottom mounted, front grip.

Tactical Rifleman Special Ops Tests

Tactical Rifleman posted 11 videos on their Special Operations Test. Check them all out to see if you can do such tests for airsoft purposes... "Weapons Handling is the secret to not being just a good shooter, but a great shooter. Being efficient, proficient and smooth in how you operate and manipulate your weapons is something that a trained instructor can see from a distance.

Tactical Rifleman: FLIR Breach Thermal Cam

The Tactical Rifleman recommends the FLIR Breach as the best mini thermal camera for all missions. It is a monocular that can be mounted on NVG mounts allowing for hands free use of the thermal camera in tactical situations. Since it is 7.4 ounces it is pocketable and features onboard recording and seven palettes for fast detection of suspects or evidence, day or night.

Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro Review

Tactical Rifleman reviews the Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro which they consider to be the best light/laser for the Glock Pistol... "You guys all know that I preach mastering your Iron Sights. You also know that I always prefer to have a weapon mounted light, whether rifle or pistol.  So, when Glock asked me to try out their new Glock-43; I knew I needed to find a light for it. Hunting around, I heard that Crimson Trace had a 'new' pistol light for the G-42/43.