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Taran Butler

Taran Butler & The Guns Of John Wick 3

Here is something from Lock N Load Radio1 for fans of John Wick, a video of Taran Butler at the SHOT Show 2019... "I am a big fan of the John Wick franchise, so when I heard that Keanu Reeves had trained with Taran Butler at Taran Tactical, I was intrigued. Here we have an actor wanting to be as authentic as possible, with gun craft."

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Glock 45 Review By Taran Butler

One Glock pistol that was release at the same time as the Glock 17 and Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS pistols, is the Glock 45. Whilst it does not have a "Gen 5" as part of its official model name, it has all the benefits of the Gen 5 model. Glock calls this a Compact Crossover pistol that can meet military and law enforcement requirements. Lest you might think this uses the .45 ACP round, it is actually a 9x19mm pistol.

Taran Butler On The Glock 19X

If you do not know who Taran Butler is, especially if you are an airsoft player (or a firearms shooter), where have you been? The man behind Taran Tactical, the outfit that trained Keanu Reeves for John Wick as well as other celebrities, checks out the Glock 19X, the pistol that Glock proposed for the U.S. Army's MHS program and lost to the SIG P320.

Lou Ferrigno & Taran Butler On John Wick 2

Mr. Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno and Taran Butler got together for this video posted by to talk about the guns used in the John Wick 2 film. We have not seen the movie yet, but reviews coming in are good. Watch the video below to find out what these guns are before you see the movie for yourself. The movie is now showing in movie theatres in the U.S. and other countries.