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Team BlackSheep

Arcturus Centaur B AEG Review

Team Blacksheep reviews one of the Arcturus AEGs, the Centaur B. The video covers an overall review of the externals and a takedown of the AEG and a write up of the gearbox used for this AEG... "Review of the new Arcturus Centaur B which is brand new to the Airsoft scene and not out just yet!"

Read the Gearbox review here.

Complete Airsoft Gearbox Video Guides

Team Blacksheep does a compilation gearbox video guides over the years. Helpfuly for those who do their own maintenance or for budding airsoft gunsmiths... "Complete video library from over the years that have been published. They are able to be used for all the rifles that are AEG or Electric Rifles and does not matter the brand since they are very similar. Please check out the HIGHLIGHTED LINKS below to get the video.

Team Blacksheep: Arcturus AEGs Unboxing

More on the Arcturus Airsoft offerings from Team Blacksheep as Brian Holt gives us an unboxing story o fhte Centaur A and B, SR16, AR15, and the PDW... "Got the big box of the rifles sent in by Arcturus to do an Unboxing video first and then the follow up in depth reviews and gearbox review. As mentioned int he video one or more of these rifles will be given away for other reviewers and or you our fans! So with that being said please share this blog and video and keep your friends in the loop.

Team Blacksheep: Arcturus Airsoft Brand

Team Blacksheep does a review of two models from a new airsoft brand called "Arcturus Airsoft". In the video, they show the AEGs but as Brian writes, there are already 5 models ready to go... "Excited to introduce a new Airsoft brand to the market called 'Arcturus' and the 5 models already in the works for immediate release.

Team Blacksheep: SS Airsoft 8 Year Event

Team Blacksheep write about the upcoming SS Airsoft 8th Year Anniversary event by the end of March 2018... "It is that time of year again for the Dirty South of Airsoft to have the biggest party with everybody on scene, the SS Airsoft 8 Year Party! This is the biggest Airsoft event on the East Coast every year and you have to check it out!

Team Blacksheep: ASGI Russian Recce Kit

Team Blacksheep's Brian Holt writes about the video that was posted by Airsoft GI in which Carl talks about the Russian Recce Kit that he put together... "Carl gives you a breakdown of his greenside FSB recce impression, CA MAX’d E&L AKMS, and cold weather kit for MSW’s Last Stand Rostov – an upcoming 40 hour milsim event with an absolutely abysmal weather forecast where he will most certainly die IRL."

"Is 2018 About The Airsoft G3 Rifle?"

Is the G3 rifle making a comeback in airsoft? Team Blacksheep writes about the G3 airsoft rifles that have been announced recently... "For the longest time the M4 rifle has been the most popular and still is but this coming year the players are excited about the revival of the G3 not from a single company but several. With several options from GBBR to AEG this opens the options for the players.

TBS: The JAG Arms Scattergun Failure

More on the problems with the JAG Arms Scattergun Gas Shotgun as the Team Blacksheep delves into this issue and provide a howto on fixing it for those who own one... "The JAG Precision or JAG Arms Scattergun was slated to be one of the hottest new shotguns for the Airsoft world of 2017. The JAG Scattergun was in the Airsoft Shotguns – Top 5 for 2017/SHOTShow Debut as well.

Has The Airsoft Industry Gone Full Circle?

Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep writes about how the airsoft industry has gone full circle as the latest in airsoft tech is back to where airsoft started --- the use of HPA... "Airsoft has been getting more involved in some aspects and other parts have been seeming to go towards the world of paintball or to the days of 'Old Airsoft' which did not work at all.

Team Blacksheep: VFC SIG MCX

Team Blacksheep reports on the airsoft SIG MCX that will be made by VFC... "Now the Airsoft version from VFC will most likely not have all the same functions but it will amaze us all. Recent pictures have been popping up to gain more hype for it for a possible release date since the minor coverage of it a SHOTShow 2017. Why was there so little coverage about it to share the news and ensure the Airsoft Community grows and stays fresh?