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Team BlackSheep

TBS: Airsoft Community Comes Together

Team Blacksheep reports on the efforts of the airsoft community in the U.S.A as they take time to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. You can support their efforts and the victims of Harvey via the links they provide... "It is a great time to see people come together and help others without wanting something in return. Most of the times the Airsoft Community only cares about the next game or raffle and all within their sport/hobby lifestyle.

TBS: Unlicensed KWA SIG P226 Pistol

Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep writes about the new KWA M226-LE Gas Blowback Pistol that he says is not a licensed Sig Sauer P226... "A cool new pistol to add to the shelves but why this pistol? Nothing new and asking for trouble when it comes down to it. KWA Airsoft posted news of new pistol called the M226-LE and the 'LE' stands for Law Enforcement to cater to the departments and players alike to use this pistol.

Team Blacksheep: L96 Sniper Rifle Review

Team Blacksheep reviews an L96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle which is a clone of the Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Airsoft Sniper Rifle that was released almost a decade ago... "Is sniping in Airsoft a good thing? Is it as fun as it is in the video games or glamorous as in the movies with a single shot?

Team Blacksheep: AW Custom HX Series

Team Blacksheep sends us the link to the press release of AW Custom (Armorer Works) on their website regarding their new air pistols... "AW Custom™ is proud to announce that we are going to step into the field of Air Guns. Our leading-edge Air Gun system is going to deliver both realistically-robust recoil action and addicting shooting experience with maximum velocity. AW Custom™ Air Gun Series is going to be an innovation on the market."

GBBC Hi-Capa Shooter Ready Grip Tape

Check this review out by Team Blacksheep on the GBB Central 5.1. Hi-Capa Shooter Ready Grip Tape... "The GBB Central bundle for the grip have the needed instructions and decals. The Silver HiCapa was a springer pistol that was provided for the demo. The springer is not true to spec for the TM GBB but it still serves the point for the demo. There were several colors to choose from and I picked the blue option.

Electric vs Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Almo Gregor writes for Team Blacksheep on using electric or bolt action powered airsoft sniper rifles which should give you understanding on their pros and cons... "The Sniper realm in the airsoft world comes down to three different types of guns, gas, electric, and spring. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and today we are going to talk about spring vs electric guns.

Team Blacksheep On The JAG Scattergun

Team Blacksheep posts questions on the availability of the JAG Arms Scattergun in the U.S.A. even if it was supposedly released this month..."Why is the JAG Scattergun only being carried by 2 stores when it is being released later this month supposedly? Could the Airsoft market be saturated with shotguns even though this is a GAS operated version? Or the fact JAG Precision has not connected with their fans and retailers to keep them updated and interested in the product at hand.

TBS: New Tac City California Field

Team Blacksheep posted a story about a new airsoft field to be managed Tac City Airsoft and it is an outdoor field... "Tac City just dropped a huge bomb that is making the news! A new field as part of their expansion that will be an outdoor environment and a total change from their indoor fields.

TBS: Wildlands Airsoft Grand Opening

Report from Team Blacksheep on the Wildlands Airsoft Park Grand Opening in Lake Elsinore, California... "The event pulled in over $5000 worth of raffle prizes and 15 vendors to be on site to further build the community and the relationships with the players either at the booths or on the field. The players came from all over the state and gathered 377 registered players and that is not counting the vendors and their crew on the field.

Win An ASG M60E4 MK43 From Fox Airsoft

Team Blacksheep got some awesome news for you as you get the chance to win a big gun in the form of the ASG M60E4 MK43 AEG from Fox Airsoft... "Fox Airsoft is at it again with another great giveaway! This is the ASG M60E4 MK43 version. This support platform has the reinforced box mag with auto-feed option and the included RIS for the tactical grip and options for your light and laser or GoPro to capture all the carnage on the field