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Team BlackSheep

Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Forces Review

Brian Holt writes about his experience on the Team Blacksheep website wearing the Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Forces... "The Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX Forces shoes that I have been using for the last couple months work great for me. I will keep you posted on my future blogs and note the footwear in case you are concerned about the longevity."

Read the full review here.

Emerson Gear G4 System w/ PJ Helmet

Learn about the Emerson Hear G4 System in this Team Blacksheep story written by Brian Holt... "Airsoft head and face gear is a must now days. The gear has to serve a purpose and still look cool. This is were the Emerson Gear PJ helmet and the G4 System comes into play.

TBS: SilentShot Echo1 RDP Stock Adapter

Wanting to put a stock to your Echo1 RDP? Here is the SilenShot RDP Stock Adaptor that Team Blacksheep are recommending. Also a video below shows ASTKilo23 showing you more about this adaptor... "The SilentShot RDP Stock Adapter allows the Echo 1 RDP to accept standard M4 Aeg buffer tubes without the need for permanent modification to the replica itself.

TBS: Krytac Alpha & Trident MK2 Compared

Another comparison of the Krytac Alpha and Trident MK2 Series available and this time it is from the standpoint of Team Blacksheep... "The latest offering from Krytac is their Alpha rifle. With this there will be some differences from the standard Trident series.

"Top 10 M4/STANAG Magazine Releases"

A compilation of what Team Blacksheep considers to be the the Top 10 M4/STANAG Mag Releases. No one's stopping you to make your own top 10 if you don't agree with the list... "The perfect rifle needs the perfect magazine but most people forget about the important part the connects the two together. The magazine release ensures a secure feed for full auto. A bad magazine release will lead to failure. This list will show you the best to worst options out there.

Team Blacksheep: VFC Price Drop & Deals

Team Blacksheep point out where to get some great deals on VFC airsoft guns... "Are you looking for a great deal on a VFC SCAR? Well as of recently we were researching the trends and sales for the VFC SCAR rifles being the Light or Heavy and we found all the info for you to click and buy from the cheapest location online!"

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"Why Are VFC SCAR Rifles Cheap?"

Team Blacksheep writes about the VFC SCAR Airsoft Rifles now cheaper than before... "As of lately the VegaForceCompany or VFC SCAR rifles have been talked about and posted on every website about their great new price. This is good and all for us players but why are the rifles just now getting cheaper and not years ago when most of them were bought?"

TBS: M4 AEG vs M4 GBB Magazines

Another blogpost by Team Blacksheep with Brian Holt making a comparison between M4 AEG and Gas Magazines... "The internet is full of talk about the GBBR being the best when compared to the AEG rifle but what determines 'best'? The find out the best don’t you have to take account of several factors such as 'cost' and 'availability' to get your result? This will just take a look at the magazines and the real 'playability' of each rifle and cost."

5 Reasons The Airsoft M4 Bolt Catch Fails

Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep lists the five reasons why the M4 Bolt Catch in airsoft fails... "The “functional bolt catch” for the Airsoft M4 rifles can be a nice touch for the detail but it is more of a gimmick and will lead to failure and here are the reasons why."

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"10 Tips & Tricks For M4 Midcaps"

More tips and tricks from Team Blacksheep, with Brian Holt writing about the 10 tricks and tips he can share to you to properly take care and use your M4 Midcaps... "By following these simple steps you will have your M4 midcaps Feed Better and Last Longer without buying replacements!"

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