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Team BlackSheep

TBS Ice Pack Plate Carrier Tutorial

A cool and creative way of keeping yourself cool under the summer heat with this Ice Pack Plate Carrier Tutorial made by Team Blacksheep... "Using the dense foam plates in the DEFCON LPC you can cut it up and insert a freezer pack like this to stay cool on the hot summer days on the field!"

JAG Arms PHX15 Ambi Selector Install Guide

You have watched the complete gearbox guide of the JAG Arms PHX15 AEG by Team Blacksheep, here now comes their Ambi Selector Installation Guide... "Cut down version of the Complete PHX15 take down video showing you the install and rebuild of the PHX15 and the AMBI selectors which can be tricky."

TBS PHX15/VFC Complete Gearbox Guide

A closer look at the internals of the JAG Arms PHX15 with Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep giving us a complete gearbox guide... "In this video Brian will go over the steps to comletely take apart the new to market JAG Arms PHX15 rifle which is OEMed by VFC. This video will show the needed steps for the AMBI selector install and takedown.

Video will work for the PHX15 rifle and VFC M4 rifles."

APS M4 Complete AEG Gearbox Guide

Learn more about the Gearbox of the APS M4 AEG in this video from Team Blacksheep... "In this video Brian will take apart the APS M4 SD in a step by step guide and put it all back together. This is a current and standard APS M4/M16 so it will help you out with all the other APS M4 rifles out on the market now."

Team Blacksheep: DEFCON LPC Review

New review from Team Blacksheep as they check out the Low Profile Plate Carrier from DEFCON Gear... "The DEFCON Low Profile Carrier or LPC is a great choice for any Airsofter looking for a new carrier. Around $60 and fully adjustable and with mag pouches already installed you cannot go wrong."

Echo1 Timberwolf Xtreme Tutorial/Review

Team Blacksheep gives a turtorial of the Echo1 USA Lone Wolf Timberwolf Xtreme airsoft pistol which they did a review on last June which we are including here as well... "In this video we cover some of the other finer details of the Timberwolf. Make sure you watched our review video of the same pistol!"

JG, ASG, TM AUG Semi Auto Mod Howto

If your game site requires airsoft guns to be in semi-auto, especially at CQB sites, here is a a mod tip from Team Blacksheep for owners of Jing Gong, ASG, and Tokyo Marui Steyr AUG AEGs... "Check out this quick and easy way to modify your AUG rifle. Either a JG, ASG or Tokyo Marui this will work and give you that semi auto only for your local field if needed. Let us know if you want more helpful videos like this!"

Echo1 Timberwolf Xtreme GBB Review

Team Blacksheep reviews the fully licensed Echo1 USA TimberWolf Xtreme Gas Blowback Pistol... "The Echo1 Timberwolf pistols are great for CQB use as a primary or in the field as a back up pistol. Great fit and feel in the adjustable grip and good kick with green gas."

Team Blacksheep On Bullying In Airsoft

Team Blacksheep tackles the problem of bullying in the airsoft field... "As Airsofters we will never all be on one big happy team from what I have seen over the many years as a player myself but we all can work together and make it better for us and especially the new players entering our sport, our passion, our everything in life for some.

Echo1 Troy TRX Battle Rifle Upgrade

How do you upgrade an Echo1 Troy MFR AEG to a TRX? Team Blacksheep shows you how in this video (or if you don't want get one of the new TRX models)... "Check out how this Echo1 Troy MFR has been upgraded and turned into a great looking and working rifle!"