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Team BlackSheep

At The Raahauges Sports Fair 2016 Range

Team Blacksheep shows a video of the range during the Raahauges Sports Fair 2016 with visitors shooting the M2, DShK, Twin 1919, and PKM, with Triple R Munitions... "The 2016 Raahauges Sports Fair was an awesome event to shoot all kinds of rifles, pistols, shotguns and belt fed weapons. Modified for laws and limited but still fun to shoot or watch the professional staff/ MG crew demo them.

This was the Triple R Munitions demo."

Team Blacksheep On Advance Dynamic GTX

Need to disassemble a Glock pistol magazine? Here is a tool from Advance Dynamic called the GTX and Team Blacksheep tells us more about it... "What makes something the best? Need, Usage or Price? It all comes down to if you need and it suites your needs and budget how I see it. I am talking about the new tool I got for my pistol that is made for Glocks. I have several Glock magazines and I will really use this tool.

JLS RX4 AEG Gearbox Upgrade Review

It has been ages since we have heard the "JLS" brand again. An ACM airsoft company that releases airsoft guns that are not M4s or AKs, having released the first SCAR-L and XM8 AEGs in the market, gets a mention again. This time, Team Blacksheep does an upgrade of the JLS RX4 AEG, which was released in 2008, and give us a review of this AEG... "One of the team members picked up an old JLS RX4 and we wanted to upgrade it and see what we could do with it.

Advance Dynamic UPA Closer Look

A continuation of the review of the Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter by Team Blacksheep and this time, they give us a closer look in this video... "The Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter is a great piece of kit to make your multi mission carriers ready for anything."

Read the full review here.

Advanced Dynamics Universal Panel Adapter

Posted on Team Blacksheep is a review of the Advanced Dynamics Universal Panel Adapter... "Roecar Approved has been able to test out and give his review of the new panel adapter and how it will be a great new part to add to your gear as well. Roecar Approved has a lengthy background in gear collection, firearms and even airsofting so he knew this would be a good product to talk about and share what he liked about it."

Strike Industries LINK Curved ForeGip

Team Blacksheep reviews the Strike Industries Link, specifically designed as a curved foregrip for use with Mlok and KeyMod rail systems... "The Strike Industries LINK ForeGrip is changing the way today’s shooter are buying and building their rifles. Long ago the accessories had to match and work with the rifle and other parts otherwise it would not work out.

Team Blacksheep MSW Jump To Rostov Videos

Watch as Team Blacksheep goes into action with the latest from Jag Precision and using Blank firing rifles as well during the Milsim West Jump To Rostov Event in this series of videos... "From Friday night to Sunday morning this is quick view into the battle and down time on the field. Milsim West is a true Military Simulation and not a constant battle like a video game or other events. You have to be tough and ruck in your own gear and make on the field and not just survive BB deaths.

Team Blacksheep: DEFCON Backpack Chair

Team Blacksheep reviews the handy DEFCON Backpack Chair which is being distributed by Jag Precision... "Tactical gear and products now days are a dime a dozen and some are just copies of others with a twist or another pocket and called “new”. This is where the DEFCON Gear back pack chair comes into play. The DEFCON Gear back pack chair does just want it sounds like it does.

Echo1 Troy MRF-C Gen2 AEG In Action

Team Blacksheep brought the Echo1 Troy Industries Polymer MRF-C Gen. 2 AEG to pasture. This is a video montage of the gameplay where the AEG was brought to bear and having its share of hits made. This AEG is an updated version of the Troy Industries JP-30 with more Troy Industries parts included.

Echo1 Troy MRF-C Gen 2 AEG Review

Previously, Team Blacksheep did an overview on the Echo1 USA Troy MRF-C Gen 2 AEG. Now they release a video showing the full review and gameplay of the AEG... "After some field time and range testing of the new Troy MRF-C Gen 2 it is time for a review. Check this video out."