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Team BlackSheep

MSW Strike On The Steppes First Patrol #1

With the Jag Precision and Echo1 crew is the Team Blacksheep at the Milsim West's Strike On The Steppes event. This is the first part of their patrol where they immediately get to taste some action... "First evening patrol. Encountered enemies within several hundred feet from the base."

Team Blacksheep With Valken Tactical Josh

We're not done yet with the videos taken by Team Blacksheep during the SS Airsoft 5th Year Anniversary as Brian Holt catches up with Josh of Valken Tactical to talk about the products his company have lined up for 2015... "Josh and Brian go over the new products from Valken. The new tanks to make a smaller pack and still pack a punch in the V12s."

Suppressed XCR in Carbine Match

Another range time video from Team Blacksheep as they exchange their airsoft guns for real steel ones. In this video Brian Holt hits the course with a suppressed Robinson XCR Carbine... "Running the Robinson Armament XCR with a SureFire suppressor in a recent carbine match. Regular 556 ammo and no need for ear pro. The XCR is a great rifle that is easy to control and use just like an AR15."

Elite Force H&K G28 DMR Overview

More sightings of the soon to be released Umarex/Elite Force Heckler & Koch G28 DMR in all its RAL8000 Glory. Better save up now if this rifle is what you've been eyeing for ever since it was announced as the DMR for the Bundeswehr. Video courtesy of Team Blacksheep taken during the SS Airsoft 5th Year Anniversary... "Brian and Cliff talk about the soon to be released H&K G28. The big brother of the HK417 in a DMR role now."

Odin Innovations BB Loader Demo

Still another video taken from the SS Airsoft 5th Year Anniversary as Brian of Team Blacksheep takes a fancy at the new Odin Innovations Speed Loader from ZShot. Whilst we find the loader a cool way to bring to the field and top-up our low and mid-caps quickly, we actually are more curious about the leather chest rig in the video. Now where to get one of those... "Brian spots the hot new BB Loader and gets some info and a demo on it.

ASGI BB Wars: Rebels - City Battle

The second gameplay footage from Team Blacksheep as part or the Rebel Forces during the Airsoft GI BB Wars Episode 1: A New Dawn that took place recently in Texas... "The Rebel forces need help in Texas so Tang and Brian from JAG Precision answer the call from Bob the Axe Man to join the fight."

BB Wars Rebel Team Troop Transport #1

First part of game footage from Team Blacksheep as they joined in the Rebel Cause in Airsoft GI's BB Wars Episode 1... "The Rebel forces need help in Texas so Tang and Brian from JAG Precision answer the call from Bob the Axe Man to join the fight! The first mission was to stop all Imperial transports that have troop or weapons from leaving the area. None made it over the bridges and rivers."

Team Blacksheep: Road to Rostov Report

Brian Holt writes about his experience being part of Team Blacksheep participating in Milsim West's recently concluded Road To Rostov event... "This was the most extreme and fun event I have been to in my 15+ years of being in the Airsoft industry. There was a lot of prep work of what is needed that was given to me and the other participants before going. Here is a recap video of what I brought and used and my thoughts about the event.

Team Blacksheep: Road To Rostov Video

Team Blacksheep was at the Milsim West Road To Rostov event that took place last weekend and they took videos of the event and below is the first of the videos they took. Looks like the action was intense in Clovis California and you'll notice in the video that someone's using a real steel rifle but firing blanks, perhaps to give a real gunfire sound effect in the field.

Jag Precision: Phantom Strike Carbine Match

The Jag Precision group show their real steel shooting skills as they join in the Phantom Strike Carbine Match with the Team Blacksheep guys who posted this video... "For a while we have not posted too much about our shooting backgrounds and just stuck with airsoft. We are a company that understands the rifle either airsoft or firearm."