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Thumpy's 3-D House Of Airsoft

Thumpy: Stampede Airsoft at Fulda Gap `15

Thumpy's Airsoft News posts a video report on Stamped Airsoft at the Fulda Gap 2015... "Have we mentioned that WE LOVE STAMPEDE AIRSOFT? One of America's best places to get your airsoft fix, Chele, Troy, Mama, Mario and the gang from Florida head north to Fulda Gap 2015 and truck the store along with them. See why YOU should make Stampede your place to get goodies at events, in the FLA, or online, too!"

Thumpy' Page Reaches 600k Views

Another milestone for Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft Page as it hits the 600k views early this week ever since it started in 02 January 2012. He attributes the growth of his page to all those who have regularly visited his page and other sources of inspiration.

Thumpy Checks Out The Wolverine SMP

Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft sent us a link of him testing the Wolverine Airsoft Single Moving Part (SMP) airsoft technology... "Rich Lort is an engineer who has more than 2 years in development behind the Wolverine SMP (Single Moving Part), a near-drop in replacement cylinder/trigger board and electronics that turn almost any V2 or V3 AEG into a direct air BB slinger!

Thumpy' Page Reaches 500k Views

Thumpy's sent new a few hours ago that the Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft Page has breached the 500,000 views milestone. That's a good number and something that airsoft bloggers and websites to take note of the dedication of patience of Thumpy to spread the news from airsoft around.... "YOU GUYS DID IT!

Thumpy: SHOT Show 2014 w/ Tim Ellwood

Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft reports that one of the old guards of airsoft in North America, Tim Ellwood of No Airsoft for Old Men Blog, will be at the SHOT Show 2014. Video below shows the footage that Thumpy took of Tim during SHOT Show 2011. Other news is Thumpy reaching a milestone in readership for his page...

"Want To Shoot Like A Navy SEAL?"

The master of airsoft scoops at, Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft shares this story published at UT San Diego featuring Retired Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog who is the author of "“How to Shoot Like a Navy SEAL.” And surprise! He uses airsoft guns to practice in his backyard and garage "a place where he said good marksmen devote hours of target practice without live ammunition."

Gunny's Rules Book Out Now

It's Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft recommended book for a reading list so it must be worth it... "GUNNY'S RULES! GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY NOW! Put down your sissy drink with its umbrella, get off your backside, and square yourself away. Get fit, get a job, and get yourself some self-respect. America's favorite, most in-your-face Sarge is going to show you how to get squared away like a Marine.

Airsoft Safety Tips During Hunting Season

Spot the deer in the video as Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft gives out safety tips during hunting season... "Thought you guys might want to pass this along sometime in the future.  It is 'hunting season' here in 'the States," and elsewhere in the world, so, it's a good time to push along some simple rules that most players and field operators/game organizers should consider at woodland sites.  And, it comes with a pretty cool little YouTube video that got us thinking and writing on the THUMPY-Blog for the first time in awhile!

Thumpy's Fulda Gap 2013 Video Now Online

Finally, we get the video report from the guy who can give us the best report of what happened during the Fulda Gap 2013, Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft... "Nearly 11-Hundred players faced off across the Iron Curtain once again, as America's Biggest Multi-Day Airsoft Event returned to Command Decisions Wargames Center in Western North Carolina, October 10-12. 2013."

Thumpy: Exclusive "Crossover" Product Peek

Today, be prepared to be intrigued by Thumpy's 3-D House of Airsoft as a quick peek on a product(s) that are making their crossover from real steel to airsoft is posted online. As to the name of the companies that will be making their products available, we already have an idea, but we'll let the guessing game continue to make it even more fun or until Thumpy reveals the names...