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Airsoft War: Battlefield Russian Invasion

Another Airsoft War In Real Life by TrueMobster called "Battlefield Russian Invasion". This short film is an excellent example of airsoft used as props for budget short films... "Today's In Real Life (IRL) Airsoft War is Battlefield Russian Invasion! The Russians are advancing in numbers, can they hold off the enemies and make it home safely?"

FPS SWAT Siege Part 2 IRL

Another Airsoft War video from the TrueMOBSTER Team and this is the second part of their FPS SWAT Siege... "In Today's First Person Shooter Airsoft War In Real Life (IRL) the Swat team have to secure the high profile target! It's no easy task the swat team have to use their martial arts knowledge to take down the targets goons! Leave a comment with what you guys want to see next, is it another Fortnite irl video, or GTA Online/San Andreas video?"

Fortnite IRL With Airsoft Gun Props

TrueMobster does a Fortnite Battle Royale Game in Real Life video using airsoft guns as props... "Airsoft War: Fortnite Battle Royale in Real Life! In this Fortnite Battle Royale inspired Airsoft War True Mobster drops down in Tomato Town and has to eliminate his opponents by gearing up with the best Airsoft Guns in Fortnite and finding the best Fortnite potions to keep."

Fortnite Guns IRL Airsoft Versions

TrueMOBSTER shows the different airsoft guns the used in their Fortnire IRL video plus more.. "Fortnite Airsoft Guns in Real Life! In this video, I show off my Fortnite Airsoft Collection. We show off the Assault Rifle (SCAR), Pistol, Suppressed Pistol, Submachine Gun, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Grenade Launcher, Revolver, Pickaxe, and Shield Potion!"