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UF Pro

UF PRO: Warrior Challenge 2018

Learn more about the Warrior Challenge hosted by the SIGMA Unit of Latvia in this video from Slovenian gear company UF PRO... "The Warrior Challenge is an annual event held by the Latvian SF unit SIGMA. Watch what the SIGMA commander and the assistant judge had to say what the event is all about."

Warrior Challenge 2018 Highlights

Teams from several countries underwent several levels of challenges during the Warrior Challlege 2018. This cover marksmanship, stamina, strength, CQB, team work, mental capabilities and more. Watch the highlights of this events courtesy of UF PRO and find out if you think you can do what they can do.

UF PRO Delta OL 3.0 Jacket

UF PRO announce the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket designed for cold weather conditions... "During activities in cold weather, the Delta OL 3.0 Jacket will keep you protected against all kinds of cold weather hazards, offers you the necessary durability and most importantly, gives you the comfort you need to focus on your job."

BB2K Airsoft: UF Pro Multicam Black

Bruce of BB2K Airsoft goes for the Multicam Black pattern with gear from UF Pro as his new look in this "That's My Gear" Episode... "Black is beautiful... Multicam Black even more :-) I have changed my airsoft gear. How I'll be on a  Airsoft Game in 2018 I'll show you in the Part4 of That's my Gear."

UF PRO: Handgun Disarms A Reality Check

A reality check from UF PRO on handgun disarming techniques. Will they be the same and as effective as what you see in the movies? Maybe yes, maybe not... "Can you disarm an attacker when threatened with a handgun? What are the odds of survival? We tested this with two spec ops veterans and a Zero REX 1 FX handgun. See the results for yourself."

UF PRO: Latvian SIGMA Border Guards

UF PRO Feature the SIGMA unit, the elite unit of the Latvian Border Guards as they ensure the integrity of the country's borders, preventing smuggling, illegal immigration and of course be on the lookout for external threats... "Commander of Latvians border guards unit SIGMA explains what it takes to be part of an elite unit."

UF PRO Belt Extension Straps

UF Pro got their Belt Extension Straps to help you ensure that your duty belt stays with you all the time... "Simply secure your duty belt with double belt loops. And if you got a combat belt just extend the belt loops with our Extension Straps and you're good to go. The straps are sold per piece."

AMNB Spotlight: UF PRO Hunter Sweater

Product Spotlight by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog  (AMNB) shows Chris Bravo giving us a quick preview of UF PRO Hunter Sweater that he will review... "The UF PRO® Hunter Sweater is the perfect piece of equipment for mid-cold, windy or wet days.

UF PRO Tactical Shooting Two-Man Tactics

UF PRO has a new series on Tactical Shooting with the second episode covering Two Man Fire-Team Tactics now up. If you missed the first video, it was about VIP Protection which is still on their YouTube Channel... "In this scenario, you’ll learn how to react when ambushed and how you and a teammate can work your way out of it."

Pine Survey: UF PRO M1 Field Jacket Review

Pine Survey does a review of the M1 Jacket made by the Slovenia-based gear maker, UF PRO... "With the M1 Field Jacket, Uf Pro introduced a product which is different from its usual line-up. Following a more casual look and going into the EDC world, this jacket leaves the military world behind, although it has direct roots in it. Let me explain: