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Elite Force MP5K Battery Install

Airsoft GI shows us how to install the battery in the new Elite Force MP5K AEG... "The H&K MP5K-PDW is a compact gun with an 8.4V NiMH rechargeable battery (charger included). Realistic look and feel with full metal gears/gearbox, 200 round metal hi-cap magazine with adjustable hop-up. Full or semi-automatic firepower."

ASGI: Classic Army SPR MOD 0 2019

An old Classic Army favourite, the M15A4 SPR MK12 Mod 0 is available at Airsoft GI... "Looking for a long range solution to your airsoft bad guy problems? Look no further than the Classic army M15A4 SPR MK12 MOD 0! This gun excels at distance shooting, allowing you to cover your friends as they move up on objectives, stealthily take down tangos, and smash the opposition with a hail of precision fire!

ASGI: How To Fly To A Milsim Event

Is it possible to fly with our airsoft guns and gear to go to an event? In the U.S. it is possible as long as you follow the tips or steps that those who have experienced in doing so like DesertFox Airsoft. Here is another tip from Airsoft GI Uncut on how fly with your stuff. For other countries, please consult your airline and airport authorities... "Mike goes over a few pointers on how to fly with your guns and gear to a Milsim Event!"

Classic Army Nemesis DT4 AEG Test

One of the airsoft guns that we hope should be in stock by Christmas, the Classic Army Nemesis DT4 "Double Trouble" M4 AEG. It's now on pre-order and here is Airsoft GI showing us a shooting test of a prototype for this Uncut episode... "Dave from our Texas store test fires the Prototype Classic Army DT4!"

ASGI On The Lancer Tactical Proline

By this time, you may have probably heard about the Lancer Tactical Proline M4 Series. If you are a budget-conscious airsoft player or just want to purchase your first M4 AEG, then you might want to consider the Proline. All are below the US$200 price so it should be a good deal. But first, watch the first impressions video from Airsoft GI's Aaron in this Uncut episode.

ASGI: Affordable SPR MK12 MOD 0 AEG

In this Airsoft GI Uncut episode, Cisco has an affordable SPR AEG in the form of the Classic Army Proline M15A4 SPR MK12 MOD 0 AEG... "Cisco is kinda salty about how much he spent on his 'MK12ish' build compared to the new Classic Army SPR MK12 MOD 0! The gun is available for pre-order and is on sale (at the time of filming)!"

ASGI Uncut: Elite Force Avalon Gen 2

A first look video in this Airsoft GI Uncut episode of the Elite Force Avalon Gen 2 Saber M4 CQB M-Lok AEG. Obviously, this is made by VFC given that the Taiwan airsoft manufacture owns the Avalon Series and this contains premium parts. This now sports an M-Lok handguard with Avalon Markings. It has an integrated MOSFET, the VFC designed QRS stock and an amplifying flash hider.

Elite Force Glock 34 First Impressions

A pre-production Elite Force Glock 34 CO2 Blowback Pistol was at Airsoft GI and they asked customers about their first impresions of it. This based on the Gen 4 Deluxe that is made for Action Air and has a CNC-machined aluminium slide... "Mike gets some Customer First Impressions of the new Elite Force GLOCK 34!"

ASGI Uncut: CA Aaron's CQB M4

In Airsoft GI Uncut's "The Arsenal" Aaron gives us a very quick walkthrough of this CQB M4 AEG that he brought to the the Airsoft Expo at Tac City Airsoft which took place last 6 October 2018... "Aaron shows off his personal CQB M4!! Using a G4 base gun this piece is ready to rock and roll at any CQB Arena!"

ASGI: Aaron's Pick For Starting Airsoft

Cisco shows what Aaron of Airoft GI picked for those who are about to start airsoft and he picked a G&G Combat Machine Raider... "Cisco gives us the run down of Aaron's pick for a great starting gun that wont break the bank! Check out all of the models of the G&G Combat Machine Raiders on our website!"