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WGC Shop: Hellboys Collection Upgrade Parts

WGC Shop introduce Hellboys Collection, a brand new airsoft upgrades parts maker based in Taiwan... "Hellboys Collection is a new coming Taiwan based airsoft parts maker. Its founders are all die hard GBB enthusiasts and concentrating on making high end kits.

Upgrade Parts From COWCOW Technology

Looking for another airsoft upgrade parts manufacturer? There is a new one based in Hong Kong. Called COWCOW Technology, they would like to introduce their initial offerings... "This brand is a new manufacturer from Hong Kong which specialising on Airsoft parts and accessories. We endeavor to develop our brand as top tier brand in airsoft industry and our products obtains affirmation from airsoft players around the world.

Lambda: New Japanese Upgrade Parts Maker

This news reminds of us the movie "Revenge of the Nerds". A new Japanese airsoft upgrade parts maker, Lambda Airsoft, want to introduce themselves to players and business readers of Popular Airsoft... "We're Japanese NEW Airsoft brand, "Lambda Airsoft" from Osaka. Our team is composed of Airsoft professional and CNC specialists. We will release high quality & reliable upgrades. Now our fist items are released "Inner Barrel" and 'VSR-10 upgrades.'

Airsoft Masterpiece At Grange Airsoft

Action Air/Airsoft IPSC shooters in the Europe looking for upgrade parts from Airsoft Masterpience can visit The Grange Airsoft as they just took a delivery... "This week at The Shop at the Grange we took delivery of some amazing masterpieces from our friends at Airsoft Masterpiece.

These guys make the best upgrade parts be it for IPSC or just to make your gun more operator than floperator.

AEG Upgrade Without Opening Gearbox

The BB Warrior talks about upgrades this time and it's doing it without opening the gearbox. Something to watch especially for those who don't to bother the time consuming gearbox upgrade... "Today we'll be discussing how to improve your airsoft AEG without opening your gearbox!"

Falcon Upgrades Sale At eHobby Asia

Check these airsoft precision upgrade parts from Falcon Airsoft of Taiwan as they are on sale at 10% off at eHobby Asia. This should not be mistaken for another airsoft company with the same name and is based in Italy... "Customers order Flacon Products from eHobby Online Store & Hong Kong Mega Store will enjoy 10% OFF Discount.

Terms and Conditions:

Tactical Shirts Airsoft: Basic Airsoft Upgrades

Better hone up on your Spanish language skills or just turn on the language captions on your YouTube player for this Tactical Shirts Airsoft episode. In this basic airsoft upgrade video, they talk about upgrading the Hop-Up unit, with CNC'd Hop-Up Chamber as well as the rubber hop-up bucking.

New Age G18C GBB Fire Control Parts

New video from Airsoft Taiwan shows some bits and bobs which are in fact upgrade parts for the Glock 18C Gas Blowback Pistol under the New Age brand. These are four steel upgrade parts for fire control that will help make the Glock 18C GBB more durable and reliable, especially when firing it on full auto.

HKOTG TV: Poseidon Upgrade Parts

Martin is back with a new episode of Hong Kong Off The Grid TV (HKOTG) and he has with him some upgrade parts from Poseidon. One is the Poseidon Air Cushion Precision Inner Barrel for the Glock 17; Turbo Valve for the gas magazine; Ice Pick GBB Flute for the Loading Nozzle, and the Formula G to wipe your barrel with. Watch the video as he puts them together for a custom GBB pistol.

New Hephaestus Parts At eHobby Asia

A good number of upgrade parts from Hephaestus Airsoft are in stock right at eHobby Asia. For AK airsoft lovers, they can check the various external upgrade parts that can be used for Gas Blowbacks or AEG AK airsoft rifles... "Hephaestus New Upgrade Parts for GHK AKs / M4 is available eHobby Asia: