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VFC AIMS With FREE Extra Magazine at WGC Shop

Latest news from Hong Kong Airsoft Retailer, WGC Shop, the VFC AIMS AEG with Automatic Bolt Recoil Action which means a blowback system for this AEG with a video provided to show it in action. They're taking pre-orders at US$418 and will be available next week. An extra magazine is thrown in for free for those who place their orders now. Other latest releases of new products such as the latest Systema PTW M16A2, tactical accessories from G&P, and tactical gear from Blackhawk!

VFC AIMS from WGC Shop

WGC Shop sent us an email yesterday about the VFC AIMS that comes with a real wood handguard on Pre-Order, as they have announced price reductions for all VFC AEGs.  Also new releases from WGC also include the KJ Works M700P ( Wood Limited Version ), Action Side Mount Ring, Action Side Handle Grip, G&P PEQ II Laser ( Red ), King Arms AK RAS Full Set, Arms Magazine, and the Combat Magazine. Pre-Order Now for FREE Extra Magazine!


VFC Full Metal/Wood AK74UN Limited Version XMAS Package

Now, this is a good deal, a christmas package from Airsoft GI with the VFC AK74UN Limited version... "From one of the most renowned companies in Asia for paying close attention to detail when replicating real steel weaponry, GBTech has come out with the AKS 74UN.

VFC SCAR Water Test

I want to share this video I saw on you tube about the VFC SCAR put under water. The SCAR-L was first dismantled and all the parts were submerged under water, then it was assembled and given a test fire and it still works! Since it was raining at the place where the test was conducted, I wonder if they can just leave the AEG there for sometime under the rain and given a test fire. Though I'm still skeptical since it will take some lubing and cleaning again after the test fire was done.  More test can is needed to convince me other wise. :-)


VFC MK43 Mod0 (SEAL) Now At Depot 53

The VFC MK43 Mod0 support weapon is sighted at Depot 53... "The MK43 is the latest variant of the venerable M60 line of Squad Automatic Weapons. Unlike previous crew-served M60's, the MK43 SpecOps is a man-portable design that incorporates a wide-range of improvements for superior functionality and reliability. The Mod0 model was developed specifically for the US Navy SEAL's and as such incorporates features like the duckbill flash hider that minimizes muzzle flash effects on night vision equipment.

VFC BAR M1918A2 Available At WGC Shop By Mid-November

The VFC BAR M1918A2 light machine gun will be available in mid-November at the HK-based airsoft retailer WGC Shop. The real M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle was produced in 1940 and served as a light machine gun supporting US GIs and allies. Originally produced as an automatic rifle for assault troops, it became more popular as a light support weapon for infantry squads in World War II.  It was designed in 1917 by John Browning, it is gas-operated and air-cooled.

VFC FN SCAR-L Is Now In Stock at WGC Shop

Finally, the wait is over, the VFC FN SCAR-Light Gen III is now in stock. While WGC Shop was accepting orders, there were several good first impressions on this replica firearm. A little bit late as it is already fall, and it was expected to be released during the summer season, the VFC SCAR, by looks and design a long is sure to give a stiff competition to other manufacturers' SCAR models, such as those released by JLS, Classic Army, and G&G.

VFC M4 QD KAC Suppressor

GB-Tech/Vega Force Company (VFC) have silently released their M4 QD Suppressor... "M4 QD  Suppressor is specially designed for US SOCOM SOPMOD M4 by KAC with quick attach and detach function. There are two versions. The old version retainer was located in right hand side, the new one  is changed to  left hand side for earlier attach /detach.  Also the laser carving on the silencer changed to double lines.

VFC SCAR Video from WGC

This is a nice video close-up of the upcoming Vega Force Company SCAR-L which initially shows it with a shortened barrel. No background music, no one talking to discuss its finer features, but the handling of the AEG is absolutely very professional.


So here's the video now, enjoy!!! :)


VFC HK416 With 10" Outer Barrel at Airsoft Extreme

VFC HK416 w/10" outer barrel is now available at Airsoft Extreme... "The HK416 was developed independently by Heckler and Koch at the request of Delta operators to create a more reliable M4 platform that is better able to handle the harsh environmental conditions of our current operational combat zones.