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VOA Milsim

VOA ATC & JSF Training at RTSP

It's good to watch another video from VOA Milsim, with Primer doing the creative stuff as they go on a joint training with JSF... "What an awesome day. A lot of us haven't trained / played together in a long time so it was essential that we got out and put 8 hours of training in."

VOA Milsim at OLCMSS Operation: X

Violence of Action (VOA) Milsim Team has uploaded footage of the OLCMSS Operation: X that took place last 19-21 September 2014. The story for this year is the race to secure leftover biological weapons during the massive evacuation that took place when the "New World" Disaster Struck... "VOA had an absolute blast at O.L.C.M.S.S. Operation: X. The AO was located at the decomissioned Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command base in Ft. Monmouth NJ."