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A&K M1892 Winchester Review By Battleturtle

Battleturtle Airsoft and Guns do a video review of the A&K M1892 Winchester Lever Action Airsoft Rifle... "A short review of the A&K M1892 lever action airsoft rifle. Made of die cast metal and real wood stock. It's pros and cons in the most honest assessment possible.

KTW Winchester M70 SPR A4

Better cough up some serious cash for this baby as it costs US$813.00 when you get it from eHobby Asia... "The Winchester Model 70 series rifles are marketed as sniper rifles for military forces and law enforcement agencies under the Fabrique Nationale banner as the Special Police Rifle (SPR) and the Patrol Bolt Rifle (PBR).

Marushin Winchester M1892 Randall Solid Zinc

Got a thing for such period or cowboy stuff? This one's right now at RedWolf Airsoft for good price of US$323.00... "The Historically, it was the 1873 that was the rifle that won the west, the 1892 did not come out till after the times of the wild frontier.

Tim Ellwood Reviews the KTW 1873 Winchester

Howdy Airsoft Cowboy? Looking for what others think of the KTW 1873 Winchester Airsoft Gun? Well, you're in luck as Tim Ellwood gets you one of these lever-action guns made by the Korean Company. Not much photos by Tim promises more with his other cowboy-inspired airsoft guns.