DTW Airsoft: S&T M1918 A2 BAR


S&T got their own version of the M1918 A2 BAR and DTW Airsoft goes over one in this video review that can help those looking for an alternative to the Jing Gong version... "In this video we look at S&T m1918 BAR airsoft rifle. Used extensively during world war 2. This airsoft BAR (browning automatic rifle) is a heavy and has that classic look of the browning we have all seen in so many WW2 films. This defiantly puts a smile on your face when you pull the trigger."

Limited Edition S&T ST870 Silver


Airsoft Mike unboxes and does a quick review of the S&T ST870 Silver airsoft shotgun. This is a limited edition spring pump action airsoft shotgun that has a full metal outer barrel and the wood part is basically faux wood. Whilst this is modified to meet UK rules, non-UK versions can go 425fps without any modification. This includes a 22-BB round magazine... "Today I unbox the limited edition of the S&T ST870. The real wood, metal, and silver version!"

Booligan: S&T Airsoft PP-19 Bizon AEG


The PP-19 Bizon AEG made by Smart Team (S&T) Hong Kong is given a closer look by Booligan Airsoft... "Funky Eastern Bloc weaponry is kind of my bread and butter. And what's funkier than a cylindrical magazine fed, pistol caliber AK variant? Let's take a look at the S&T PP-19 from Evike.com!"

Booligan Airsoft: S&T Sterling L2A1 AEG


Booligan Airsoft gives us an overview on the S&T Airsoft Sterling L2A1 SMG AEG... "Looking for a funky SMG? Evike has the new S&T Sterling, and they sent one over for us to review! Let's take a quick look at my initial thoughts on it! Full steel construction, metal custom gearbox, and decent CQB performance add up to a formidable SMG platform."

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