Airsoft Master: KWA QRF MOD1 AEG


Airsoft Master takes a quick look of the KWA QRF Mod1 AEG, one of the two QRF AEGs that will be released hopefully next month... "The KWA QRF Mod1 Airsoft Gun features a pistol caliber magazine great for CQB games. It has a full metal construction, gearbox features a fully adjustable FPS system from 330-380FPS with .20g bbs plus capable of accepting Gate Titan MOSFET with no modification.

Features & Specs:

Airsoft Master: EMG STI/TTI JW3 2011


Airsoft Master is another airsoft retailer to have in stock the fully licensed EMG STI/Taran Tactical John Wick 3 2011 GBB Pistol... "The EMG STI / Taran Tactical John Wick 3 2011 Combat Master Licensed Airsoft Pistol is one of the latest from EMG. It is a fully licensed airsoft replica featuring aggressive grip texturing, enhanced magazine release, magwell and many more just like in the movies."

G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol At Airsoft Master


Airsoft Master feature the G&G GTP9 GBB Pistol in this video, showing its features that airsoft players can consider when looking for a new GBB pistol... "The G&G GTP-9 gas blowback airsoft pistol features a special design inside the nozzle/cylinder to lessen the chance of freezing up. It has a built in adjustable hopup system with an adjustment tool stored under the pistol grip."

Airsoft Master: JAG Sawed-Off Shotgun


If you are looking for a compact gas-powered airsoft shotgun, here is the JAG Sawed-Off Scattergun available at Airsoft Master. It is a pump-action and is said to be based on the Marui gas shotgun tech... "The Jag Arms Sawed Off shotgun is green gas powered. It features and adjustable 3-6 round bb per shot with real wood furniture."

Airsoft Master: ASG Shadow 2 CO2 Pistol


The ASG Shadow 2 CO2 Blowback Pistol is in North America and Airsoft Master carries it. Here is what they think about this pistol in this video... "The ASG Shadow 2 is full metal and CO2 powered gas blowback pistol. It features a more streamline slide and aggressive serrations for positive hold. A front fiber optic sight and and adjustable rear sight is standard for better target acquisition. The grip panels is made out of CNC aluminum and the magazine release is enhanced."

Airsoft Master: G&G Knight Armament SR15


Airsoft Master feature another G&G Armament AEG that comes with the G2 gearbox and M-Lok handguard, the G&G Knight Armament SR15, and they have it available at their online store... "The G&G Knights Armament SR15 Carbine features a G2 gearbox with quick spring change feature. An electronic trigger unit with programmable burst mosfet with low battery warning. It also has a rotary hopup for improved accuracy."

Airsoft Master: G&G KAC SR30 CQB AEG


Airsoft Master features one of the fully licensed Knights Armament AEGs made by G&G, the Knights Armament SR30 CQB AEG... "The G&G Knights Armament SR30 CQB features the G2 gearbox with quick spring change feature. An electronic trigger unit with programmable burst mosfet with low battery warning. It also has a rotary hopup for improved accuracy."

Airsoft Master: Limited Edition G&G PCC9 AEG


A quick product feature from Airsoft Master showing the G&G PCC9 AEG another SBR offering from G&G Armament. It is a limited released AEG and they have it in stock... "The G&G PCC9 has all the great features of G&G's ARP9 plus it has a longer barrel and comes with crane stock to accommodate bigger batteries. This is a limited production only .3000 made in the world."

Airsoft Master & Airsoft Extreme Broken Into


Airsoft players in the U.S. are advised to be on the lookout for items being sold at too good to be true prices as two airsoft sellers have experienced break-ins this week. Airsoft Master in Buena Park and Airsoft Extreme in Sacramento, both in California, posted photos about the details of the crime where various airsoft guns and accessories were taken.

If you get information about the items and those behind the crime, please advise the retailers or police authorities.

Airsoft Master: Elite Force SHOT Show 2019


Another look at the Elite Force-Umarex booth at the SHOT Show 2019. Airsoft Master visits their booth and there might be some products on display missed by the others... "Whats new at Elite Force for Shot Show 2019.  New HK MP7 AEG, yes AEG and it is lipo ready too.. New Smith & Wesson M&P line, Glock 18C and more."

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