L'Antre Du Dingo: GBLS M4A1 DAS AEG


A review of the GBLS M4A1 DAS AEG as done by French airsoft blogger, L'antre Du Dingo. Made in South Korea, the GBLS DAS is something for firearms and tactical training companies can consider for use due to its most realistic operation and firing simulation as an AEG.

Is The GBLS GDR-15 The Best Airsoft Gun


Long term review by AsianWithHat of the GBLS GDR-15 AEG. A highly recommended training gun that comes with a high price tag, it is the most realistic operating AEG in the market, rivaling the operation and takedown of gas blowback rifles. But is it the best airsoft gun? Watch what David Ly thinks about this AEG from South Korea.

BESTA Airsoft: GBLS DAS Platform Issues & Solutions


Spending on a GBLS DAS GDR15 AEG is a serious one as it is perhaps the most expensive AEG in the market these days. If you encounter issues, it is best that you'll be able to troubleshoot yourself and BESTA Airsoft discuss the issues and solutions with this airsoft and training weapon... "The DAS System has been a great experience so far, but like every platform, it has its issues. Along the way, we found some fixes to some of the problems so the GDR 15 keeps on shooting."

Airsix TV: GBLS DAS M4 Electric Blowback


Korean airsoft channel Airsix TV checks out a homegrown product, the GBLS DAS M4. Already in the market for some years now, it is the most realistic operating AEG in the market that can rival gas blowback ARs, making it a good training weapon. This AEG comes with a hefty price though.

AATV's GBLS DAS Long Term Review


Anvil of Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) gives his take on the GBLS DAS GDR-15, the most realistic operating (and also expensive) AR AEG in the market these days... "We test a GBLS DAS GDR15 courtesy of GBLS UK over 6 months. Accuracy Tests, range tests, drill tests and playing. What did we think of this interesting compromise and is it worth £1600...? Stay tuned to find out."

C-TECH AEGIS Enhanced Electronics Set Pre-Order


The Cage Airsoft announced that they are taking pre-orders for the C-TECH AEGIS Enhanced Electronics Set designed for the GBLS DAS System and should be available on the 5th of April... "The Cage Airsoft introduces the C-TECH AEGIS Enhanced Electronics Set. A fully integrated upgrade designed to maximise the potential of the GBLS Dynamic Action System,

BESTA Airsoft's GBLS DAS GDR-15 Rifle Setup


Want to find out how BEST Airsoft setup the GBLS GDR-15 training weapon, which is the most realistic operating AR-style AEG in the market? Watch the video they posted last month... "Airsoft rifle setup video, hope this has some good info for you guys. If youre interesting in building your own setup."

Airsoft Life: GBLS DAS Vs Systema PTW


It's the batttle of airsoft guns with high prices. Both the GBLS DAS GDR-15 and the Systema PTW AEGs are being marketed as training weapons and they also command high prices and non-standard parts and magazines. Airsoft Life compares both training weapons to find out which to recommend.

BESTA Airsoft On The GBLS DAS Type A & Type B Buffers


There are buffers from GBLS that you can install on their GBLS DAS GDR-15 AEG that can give you a better recoil experience when operating the AEG. But which should you take? BESTA Airsoft checks both out in this video... "New buffers from GBLS the Type A for a snappier recoil and the Type B for extra recoil."

Which? GBLS DAS Or Systema PTW?


Besta Airsoft compares two of the most expensive M4 AEGs in the market. Both the GBLS DAS GDR-15 and the Systema M4 PTWs are primarily being marketed as training weapons for both LEOs and Military organisations and for airsoft players with deep pockets. Which would pick if you have the moolah to buy one of these?

"In this video we will try to help those who are undecided between these two great platforms. One gives you the ultimate realism on an AEG the other an outstading performance."

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