Tokyo Marui LCP & Bodyguard 380 Holsters Review


Mach Sakai got the holsters made for the new non-blowback pistols from Tokyo Marui, the LCP and Bodyguard 380. These holster can allow for concealed carry as they can be worn at outer or inner waistband. They also come with a spare magazine pouch. He checks them out if they allow for quick draw as well as concealed carry.

Hyperdouraku: Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380


Hyperdouraku does a detailed review of the Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380. One of the fixed slide compact carry/pocket auto series from the Japanese airsoft company, this is easily concealable given its small size that can be good for small hands and easily covered by big palms.

Read the full review here and video version below:

Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 & LCP Holsters 10 June Release


With the Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 and LCP Compact Fixed Slide Gas Pistols now released, the company will be releasing holsters made for these on the 10th of June. Both can be used IWB and OWB as will as MOLLE-equipped gear such as tactical vests and rigs. These are readily installed with a Philips screwdriver which is not included in the package. They also include a "round joint" with an angled connection with the magazine holster and a "flat joint" for mounting on a flat surface.

Tokyo Marui Bodyguard 380 27 May Release


The second pistol in Tokyo Marui's compact gas pistol series, the fixed slide Bodyguard 380 is scheduled to be released on the 27th of May... "The BODYGUARD 380 has been downsized to the optimum size for a concealed carry while retaining the functionality of a full-size handgun.

Marudeca Advertising HQ BODYGUARD 380 Inside Story


For those who can recall the video showcasing the newly announced non-blowback concealable airsoft pistols from Tokyo Marui, the LCP and the Bodyguard 380, there were two women who appeared in the video. In part 2, Deca and Irodori Mayoi have as guest Rima Nishizaki who is in the Bodyguard 380 feature to talk about the video (in Japanese).

Hyperdouraku: Crown Model BODYGUARD 380


Hyperdouraku goes for little springer airsoft guns for this review, covering the Crown Model BODYGUARD 380. Based on the S&W BODYGUARD 280, it is a very compact pistol with the real one having an Insight laser built in. Just like its model name says, this is made for close-in protection and the need for the bodyguard to have an inconspicuous weapon so as not to attract attention.

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