AMNB Overview: FCS-MPU5 Radio


Wanting to have a replica of the MPU5 Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) Radio from Persistent Systems for your airsoft loadout? A dummy is available on the market called the FCS-MPU5 and the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) gives us an overview of this dummy MPU5... "If you want to be on the high level when it comes down to communication, the MPU5 Radio from Persistent Systems is the shit you need!



With SIG Sauer replicas in airsoft being hot items, how about replicas of SIG Sauer optics? Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got one to check out in this product overview, the HWO-TGO TANGO6T... "So why you don’t use an optic on your beloved boomstick that replicates one from SIG too? The one we got here from Holy Warrior the HWO-TGO TANGO6T is a replica optic from SIG SAUERs TANGO6T, which just got selected by the U.S.



A closer look at the CONCAMO Dark camo pattern in this Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) Spotlight... "We’re happy to show you this all new pattern out of the smithy at CONCAMO/GHOSTHOOD first hand. The so called “DARK” pattern has been seen a few times already as used on their larger camouflage net system for vehicles and others etc.

The company used it as 'stripes' to break the structure and to make those nets even more effective for short to mid distances."

AMNB Spotlight: Ripstop Cargo Jogger By QILO


Chris checks out the QILO Ripstop Cargo Jogger in this product spotlight post on the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "Pleasantly, I came across QILO some time ago as they got introduced to me by a good friend from the tactical gear industry. Since then, I always kept my eye out about their releases and designs which are for sure “unique” and limited editions what makes it even harder to get a piece of it!"

AMNB Quick Review: Airsoft Artisan 762ti Mock Suppressor


Quick review by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) of the replica of the SIG Sauer SRD762Ti-QD suppressor made by Airsoft Artisan... "Today, we have an airsoft replica up for a quick review which is from high interest for those of you rocking the SIG AIR BB Blasters such as the MCX and models to come from SIG AIR in the nearby future to get the perfect match! The Airsoft Artisan 762ti Mock Suppressor."

AMNB Quick Review: Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster


Kydex Custom's Pro Series Light-Bearing Holster gets a quick go over by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog... "If you’re a long term AMNB reader, you know that we have a passion for holsters! We’ve worked with various different companies over the past years to provide feedback and even got involved into a production process to bring out a 'first of its kind' holster for the M17/M18 P320 platform.

AMNB Spotlight: Sniper-Veil From Ghosthood


For this week's product spotlight from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB), they cover the newly released Sniper-Veil made by Ghosthood... "Ghosthood has made it’s name in the camouflage industry and their products in the fabulous well working Concamo Pattern are just great! At least in my personal opinion. The company today just released something new to their line-up of products. The SNIPER-VEIL!"

AMNB Overview: Airsoft Artisan SF Warden Blast Regulator


The Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) goes over the replica for airsoft of the Surefire Warden Blast Regulator made by the Airsoft Artisan... "With the hype in the “real steel” world about the SureFire Warden Blast Regulator which is available again for your pewpew needs (read about it here), we though to let airsoft folks know that there’s a serious replica for us who swing 6mm BBs around as well.

AMNB Overview: SIG Air P320 RMR Mounting Options


For owners of the SIG Air ProForce M17/M18 airsoft pistols which are based on the SIG P320 design, Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) features two RMR mounting options so you can put an optic, as many pistols these days are now optics ready... "Shooting with front & rear sights is basic knowledge and I’m pretty sure you guys know how to do that right? In case you don’t, scroll down to the bottom and check the link provided to get to know 'how to' from the Pros in the business!

AMNB Spotlight: Ghosthood Snow Camo


If you're not afraid to have your balls frozen playing winter airsoft and want an effective concealment in the snow, check this spotlight story from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) on the Ghosthood Snow Camo... "If you’re preparing for the winter season and looking for the right gear to get yourself invisible to others, Ghosthood has something ready for your needs! Welcome the Ghosthood Snow Camo.

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