10 Recommended High End Expensive Airsoft Replicas


Got money to burn on high end airsoft guns? Watch this video from USAirsoft as he has a list of recommended expensive airsoft guns that you can throw your money at... "Normally I would assemble a countdown of the cheapest or best starter replicas but I thought id try the complete opposite for once by throwing together a list of the more expensive and high end replicas the game of air soft has to show us.

Evike Matt's Top 10 GBB Rifles


It's another round of top 10 airsoft guns from Evike.com with Matt talking about his top 10 gas blowback rifles. This is dominated by mainly Taiwan-based airsoft companies, being OEMs to some brands, as well as Tokyo Marui witth their MWS ZET System. Watch the video below to find out the full list.

Evike Matt's Top 10 AEGs Under $150


You better make a guess which affordable AEGs available at Evike.com have made it to Matt's Top 10 AEGs. All of these are under US$150 so if you're on a tight budget or a beginner airsofter, taking a look at this list can help you make the purchase decision for your hard-earned money.

RWTV: The Top 10 Airsoft Guns Of 2020


Watch the video to find out if your favourite airsoft gun made it the list of the Top 10 Airsoft Guns in 2020 by RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV)... "As we come to the end of another year, let's look at the top 10 guns that come out in 2020 + a few honorable mentions!"

Jet DesertFox's Top 10 AEGs


Curious on the preferences of airsoft celebs on YouTube in terms of AEGs? Well, Jet DesertFox does someting better, a list of his Top 10 AEGs in this Evike.com video. If you're thinking if they are available at Evike.com, of course they are... "Can you guess what Jet's #1 Favorite AEG of all time is?"

USAirsoft's Top 10 Airsoft Guns Everyone Wants


The top 10 airsoft guns that are wanted by players according USAirsoft. Check the list out if you agree or not... "When you play airsoft for over 6 years and travel around as much as I do, you begin to see some similarities between players. Every type of play style has a certain replica or two that excels more than the others. For the snipers, it's the VSR-10, for the Speedsofters and SpeedQB players it's most definitely the HiCapa by Tokyo Marui.

Evike.com: Matt's Top 10 AEGs


You may have learned about Matt's top 10 airsoft gas pistols in a previous Evike.com episode. Now, learn about his Top 10 AEGs and find out if your AEG is in his list. As always, this are just his top 10 and not really about an industry-wide standard being followed if there is ever one... "What are your Top 10 AEGs of all time?"

TFB: The Top 10 Guns Of 2018


With 2018 now behind us, we usually try to recall the best of that year. For The Firearm Blog, they select their Top 10 Guns for that year. Find out if your favourite is included in that list... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves looks at the past year and breaks down the best handguns, rifles, and shotguns of 2018. This year we see guns from big names like Ruger, Glock, and SIG, but there are also small name manufacturers on the list.

Top 10 Favourites In May 2018


Sniper AS show the Top 10 favourite airsoft stuff in May 2018... "Hey guys, the latest top 10 edition has arrived so we're going to show them all :) The next list is for the month May and here you can look forward to damn many weapons. What do you say? Does the list fit? Or what are products that you considered damn important?"

USAirsoft: Top 10 Airsoft Paint Jobs #2


USAirsoft considers to be his best episode on his YouTube Channel. With over 250 entries were submitted with just 10 selected for the Top 10 List. Special guest for this episode is the one and only Brain Exploder famous for this 3D mount for action cams as well as his gameplay videos.


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