Sniper AS: Top 10 Airsoft Guns 2017


Sniper Airsoft Supply (Sniper AS) got a new video up listing their Top 10 Airsoft Guns for 2017. They got the video links to each individual airsoft gun but it seems that you have to login just to see them. Anyway, just watch the full video here to find out if one of your favourite airsoft guns is in the list.

RWTV: Top 10 Airsoft Guns Of 2017


As the year ends, the RedWolf Airsoft TV crew does some look back at 2017. For this episode, they make their Top 10 Airsoft Guns of the year. From pistols, to rifles, to shotguns, they feature what they think are the best airsoft guns released in 2017. Is you airsoft gun in the list? Watch the video below:

USAirsoft: Top 10 Airsoft Gas Gun Builds


It is a longer list this time for the another top list by USAirsoft. Viewers chose the builds here and they got the builds mainly from WE Airsoft, Tokyo Marui, and VFC gas blowback airsoft guns. All interesting builds and the description of these custom builds means some serious money has been invested in them.

Click here to read more about these.

Top 10 Stuff Every Airsoft Player Needs


Grab a pen and piece of paper to write what Spartan117gw has to say in this video. He lists the top 10 products that every airsoft player needs so that's a ready made shopping list for you. The question is, is every piece he mentions really essential or will you consider other products he failed to mention? Watch the video below to find out if he is right on the money:

RWTV: Top 10 Airsoft Guns Of 2016


RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) got a top 10 video too and it's about the Top 10 Airsoft Guns for 2016... "Marck takes a look at his top 10 airsoft guns 2016 has to offer so far. From the "first ever" to the "most popular", each of these guns is a game changer and makes a mark for their own reason.

Also take advantage of our Black Friday & Super Holiday Sale!  Some of these are on sale!"

"Top 10 Most Over Used Airsoft Guns"


Find out which are the Top 10 over used airsoft guns as compiled by USAirsoft... "Just for fun I thought I'd put together a quick countdown for you guys to enjoy while I film for a bunch of new videos. After this video goes live i'm heading out to Dallas for the weekend so I hope you enjoy this laid back show.

M Sakai: Top 10 Chinese Made Airsoft Guns


This is an interesting video from Mach Sakai. He compiles what he thinks to be the top 10 Chinese-made AEGs in playback order. In order not to be confused with ACMs, this list also includes those made in Taiwan, which is predominantly Chinese. So what made it to his top 10 list? Watch the video below:

USAirsoft: Top 10 Airsoft Pistol Builds


USAirsoft with another Top 10 list as sent in by their fans and it's about airsoft pistol builds this time... "All week I've been locked in Studio-45 working on this, over 110 builds were submitted over a weeks time and people were pretty determined to make the show so I made sure to include as many unique and extensive builds as I could.

USAirsoft: Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds


What's the Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds according to USAirsoft? Watch this episode to find out and if you agree with the list or not... "In this edition of The Airsoft Tops Series we take another look into the AK with The Top 10 Airsoft AK Builds! A little over 90 pieces were submitted for this show but only 10 were chosen but just what made it to the program?

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