Secutor Arms Virtus Series Ready To Ship From SKW Airsoft


SKW Airsoft has announced the commencement of distribution for the Secutor Arms VIRTUS III, IV, and XI models across Europe. These models come with a host of general features. They weigh approximately 2100 grams, depending on the specific model. Each model is equipped with a metal M-LOK handguard, with the IV model featuring a functional flashlight. They also include a metal flash hider (14mm CCW) or a silencer/grip, depending on the model.

Poseidon Pistols Now Available At SKW Airsoft


SKW Airsoft are now taking orders from resellers interested in the gas blowback handgun series from Poseidon... "The Poseidon Company was established in 2015 by a group of passionate and experienced airsoft players.

From the beginning, Poseidon specializes in the development of Gas pistols focused on effective gas usage and energy savings, leading to the invention of patents such as Air Cushion, Ice Pick, and Ice Breaker, among others.

Limited Edition Secutor RAPAX M8 & M9 Pre-Order


SKW Airsoft are now taking pre-orders from resellers for the limited edition Secutor Arms M8 and M9... "The pre-orders for RAPAX M8 & M9 are open. We remind all our customers that this product is in limited edition. The new policy of the brand SECUTOR is to produce in limited quantity and to care the quality of the product like RAPAX and not to commercialize these ranges again.

SKW Airsoft Now Carries Sluban Blocks


Want to do some model making without Lego bricks? SKW Airsoft got an alternative for you called the Sluban blocks... "Sluban is an alternative brand of construction by fitting blocks with material of first quality. It has a wide range with very different themes and products, and it is compatible with other known brands, which allows exchanging blocks to modify and/or complement the assembly."


Centaur RTC Boots At SKW Airsoft


SKW Airsoft has announced the availability of Centaur RTC boots at their store, inviting interested resellers to place their orders. These lightweight boots are distinguished by their comfort and adaptability to all types of environments, making them particularly suitable for military use, hunting, and hiking. The boots come in two models: a 7" high top and a 6" medium top. They are made of leather and Oxford fabric, with nylon hooks.

Duovox Ultra Digital Night Vision Monocular At SKW Airsoft


Latest product update from SKW Airsoft is the availability of the Duovox Ultra digital night vision monocular..."This has optical zoom and digital magnification for the true explorers of the great outdoors. The advanced 1080P FHD sensor captures every detail in real-time even in pitch darkness. The 4000mAh high-capacity battery provides up to 10 hours of non-stop use from day to night. All packed in your compact and lightweight night vision Duovox.

Kamikaze XL BFGs From Saigo Defense


SKW Airsoft announce the availability of the Saigo Defense Kamikaze XL Blank Firing Grenades at their online wholesale store. The Saigo Defense Kamikaze XL Blank Firing Grenade is a new release blank firing impact grenade for multiple purposes such as military and police training, airsoft games, and combat simulation. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with a capacity for 6 cartridges, allowing up to 6 detonations without reloading.

WE Airsoft Restock At SKW Airsoft


Resellers can contact SKW Airsoft it they want to replenish their stocks of WE Airsoft gas blowback guns. WE Airsoft has a wide range of affordable gas blowback rifles and pistols that can meet any airsoft player's requirements for a specific type. Sometimes they are also used as base guns for some custom gas blowback projects.


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