SAIGO Defense Kyudo Sniper Rifle


News from SKW Airsoft is the new SAIGO Defense Kyudo Sniper Airsoft Rifle. It is spring powered and available in Black and OD this has an initial muzzle velocity of 500-530fps. The stock is adjustable other features are Precision barrel, pressure ring from the barrel to the chamber for optimal fit and sealing, lightened aluminium cam with built-in pressure spring, Maple Leaf Rubber 60º, and Nub Omega Maple Leaf.


Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 Pre-Order


SKW Airsoft sent in news that they are now taking pre-orders of the Limited Edition Secutor Arms RAPAX M6 & M7 AEGs... "The pre-orders for RAPAX M6 & M7 are open. We remind all our customers that this product is in limited edition.

The new policy of the brand SECUTOR is to produce in limited quantity and to care the quality of the product like RAPAX and not to commercialize these ranges again.


D-Tonator Impact Airsoft Grenade At SKW Airsoft


SKW Airsoft are taking orders for D-Tonator Impact Airsoft Grenade in orange colour to make them easy to find for resuse... "No risk to loose, only an ON/OFF push button that can change your mind. For example the user will throw his grenade by putting the button on 'ON' he can change his mind and put it back on 'OFF' which again secures the grenade that can no longer explosed. Impossible to do that with a classic pin.

Secutor Arms Corvus Arriving In September


SKW Airsoft sent an update that the Corvus from Secutor Arms will be arriving in September... "CORVUS will be available for commercialization in stores from September on.
We will soon provide more information about the product, price and departure date.

Secutor Arms CORVUS Coming Soon


SKW Airsoft sent in teaser images about the upcoming Secutor Arms CORVUS. The teaser images show that is most likely that this a Glock carbine conversion kit along the likes of the CAA Micro Roni. We don't know what Glock GBB/AEPs are compatible with it so stay tuned.

SKW Airsoft Secutor Arms CORVUS 02


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