Kamikaze XL BFGs From Saigo Defense


SKW Airsoft announce the availability of the Saigo Defense Kamikaze XL Blank Firing Grenades at their online wholesale store. The Saigo Defense Kamikaze XL Blank Firing Grenade is a new release blank firing impact grenade for multiple purposes such as military and police training, airsoft games, and combat simulation. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with a capacity for 6 cartridges, allowing up to 6 detonations without reloading.

WE Airsoft Restock At SKW Airsoft


Resellers can contact SKW Airsoft it they want to replenish their stocks of WE Airsoft gas blowback guns. WE Airsoft has a wide range of affordable gas blowback rifles and pistols that can meet any airsoft player's requirements for a specific type. Sometimes they are also used as base guns for some custom gas blowback projects.


Saigo Defense Bushido Makoto & Chu AEGs Now Available


SKW Airsoft got news at the start of 2023 that they now have in stock the Bushido Makoto and Chu AEGs from Saigo Defense. These are available in Black, Black Combo, Tan, and Tan Combo colour schemes. Interested sellers can now contact them for bulk orders and shipping.

Secutor Signa Premium Bio BBs


Now available at SKW Airsoft is the line of Signa Premium Bio BBs from Secutor Arms... "'Signa Inferre' was the signal with which the Roman banners gave the order to advance and subdue everything that remained in their sight. SIGNA gives its name to bbs of the highest quality, designed for premium replicas and players who demand maximum precision.

Saigo Defense Kamikaze Xs Training Grenades


New release from Saigo Defense, the Kamikaze Xs Airsoft Grenades, are available at the SKW Airsoft store for interested resellers to order... "Impact-actuated detonation grenade for multiple uses: Police and military training, Airsoft games, combat simulation...

Light grenade, compact and easy to transport.

Secutor Astra AEGs Distribution Has Started


SKW Airsoft sent in news announcing that they have started distribution of the Secutor Arms Astra AEGs to resellers... The distribution of ASTRA III, IV and XI models starts across Europe.  Clients who have already made reservations are being delivered, this week shipments to these clients will be treated as a priority.  If you are interested, please click on the link to place an order.


Saigo Defense Bushido Meiyo DMR AEG Available


News from SKW Airsoft that the Saigo Defense Bushido Meiyo DMR AEG in standard and combo packages, is now available to order from them. This comes with an electronic trigger, straight aluminum trigger, metal piston head, metal cylinder head, metal nozzle with O-ring, and Maple Leaf hop-up rubber. It comes with a 130-BB round midcap magazine.


Saigo Defense Bushido Chugi Speedsoft AEG


SKW Airsoft announced that the Saigo Defense Bushido Chugi Speedsoft AEG is now available. As its model name suggests, this is mainy dedicated for Speedsoft use though it still follows a more AR look as compared to the G&G SSG1 Speedsoft AEG. Some its specs are Electronic trigger, Straight aluminum trigger, Metal piston head, Metal cylinder head, Metal nozzle with O-ring, and Hop up rubber by Maple Leaf. It comes with a 130-BB round magazine.

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