ASG Storm Apocalypse At Sniper-AS


Sniper-AS explain why you should have the ASG Storm Apocalypse airsoft grenade should be part of your loadout... "ASG has already released a really good airsoft grenade with the 360 ​​° Storm Grenade. Now they are going one step further with the Storm Apocalypse! A must for every Airsoft loadout, in our opinion! Both the ASG Storm Grenade and the Storm Apocalypse Grenade are great fun on the airsoft playing field.

Sniper-AS On The Arcturus AK K9 (S)AEG


Sniper-AS feature the Arcturus AK K9 (S)AEG (semi AEG due to German regulations) that they have at their store... "Absolute Airsoft insider tip: Arcturus Tactical! The new manufacturer offers really good airsoft guns that definitely impress with their look and performance! The Arcturus AK K9 SAEG is one of the three new Arcturus Airsoft weapons from our online shop.

WE CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol At Sniper-AS


One the most compact airsoft pistols in the market, the WE Airsoft CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol, is available at Sniper-AS. OnlyGuns does a quick presentation of this pistol in this video... "Simply fits in everywhere, in every hole, in every column. With enough start-up everything goes! The CT 25 Junior from WE. A super cute little airsoft that shouldn't be underestimated. True to the motto: Small, but OHO! With its 0.6 joules, the WE CT 25 Junior even flattens beer cans!

How Good Is The Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS?


Sniper Airsoft Supply does a video review to find out if the the Ares M16 RIS AEG With EFCS is something they can recommend to their customers... "Ares has finally brought us a new generation of Airsoft (S) AEGs with E-System! We introduce you to the M16 RIS rifle with EFCS. In the unboxing we give you the most important facts and in the action test we see how well the Ares M16 shoots!"

Airsoft Pistol Comparison For First Time Buyers


Sniper-AS has this video for beginner players looking for their first airsoft pistol... "Would you like to buy your first airsoft pistol, but you don't know which one it should be? Then be sure to check out this video with my pistol comparison beforehand. In the video I will show you exactly what the difference between a GBB Airsoft and an AEP is. Which system has which advantages and disadvantages. And what is more suitable for you. We compare a CYMA AEP against an AW. Custom GBB.

Sniper Airsoft Supply's ASG USW GBB Review


Sniper-AS got the latest from ASG in stock, the B&T USW A1 GBB, and here is their take... "The ASG USW A1 is really an extraordinary airsoft. As promised in our Top 10 December 2020, the long-awaited review of the Airsoft from B&T. Is that a Gas blowback (GBB) Airsoft that you absolutely need. I answer that in this video. Take a look and tell me if you like it. I am looking forward to reading something from you.

Have fun Gerd"

Which Airsoft Combat Master To Buy?


Sniper Airsoft Supply recommends the EMG TTI Combat Master, more known as the John Wick 3 pistol customised by Taran Tactical Innovations... "Check out my review before you decide on a Combat Master Airsoft pistol. Is the EMG TTI version really the BEST Combat Master pistol on the whole market???

ASG CZ P-09 Optic Ready CO2 Blowback


An overview video of the new ASG CZ P-09 Optic Ready CO2 Blowback Pistol by Sniper-AS... "Hey guys, who doesn't know the CZ P-09 ??? Of course everyone! But now it is available in the modern "optic ready" version. The name says it all, but that's not all. The Next Level CZ P-09 airsoft pistol from ASG. Take a look at the video and tell me how you think about it."

Sniper-AS: WE Airsoft Hi-Power MK3 GBB


Sniper Airsoft Supply give their take on the WE Airsoft Browning Hi-Power MK3 GBB Pistol which they have at their store... "Ohhh yeah today I'm going to introduce you to an absolute classic among the airsoft guns, the MK3 from WE Airsoft. This pistol should not be missing in any serious collection. It lies amazingly well in the hand. It only gets tricky with the hop-up setting ... but enough, watch the video, have fun. Your Gerd SORRY, we had sound problems towards the end.

Sniper-AS: G&P M4 Transformer AEG


Sniper-AS feature the versatile G&P Transformer AEG that allows you to reconfigure it quickly depending on the game site... "Hey guys, today I introduce you to the MTFC Transformer. This comes directly from G&P and is, as usual for G&P, very high quality. Compared to other airsoft weapons, the Transformer is characterized by the fast running change. G&P even patented this innovation. How it beats and more details you can see in this video."

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