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Gunfire Blog: E&L AKM Review

Piotr of Gunfire reviews the E&L airsoft AKM which we have been hearing about only recently, and compares it to the real steel AKMS to find out how faithful it is in design... "It has been a while now since some pictures and information regarding a new line of replica began to appear on the Gunfire’s FB profile. They were referred to as the 'masterpiece'.

Airsoft Taiwan: E&L AK AEGs Preview

A company that manufactures real steel weapons called E&L have now set their eyes into airsoft and Airsoft Taiwan and RA-Tech give us a preview of their AK airsoft replicas. These are AEGs and a good portion of these use the same material used by the realed version with adjustments to accommodate AEG components such as the electric motor.

ASGI Tactical AK Loadout with Bob

AK Loadout in this new episode of Airsoft GI's Tactical Gear Heads. Go to the YouTube page to find out the products that Bob is wearing... "Have you ever wanted to see what a tactical AK loadout might look like? Well, look no further. Bob grabbed an AK with a RIS and tried to pick the best gear for combat. Be sure to check them out on our website!"

GHK GKMS GBB at Airsoft World

Now in stock at Airsoft World is the sought after GKMS GBB from GHK. Price is £395.00... "GHK are a high-end Taiwanese manufacturer of GBB rifles. The quality of their products is outstanding. If Real Sword were to make gas rifles, these would the very ones!

Airsoft AK Motor Height Adjustment and Fix

For those who miss Brian at Echo1, he's back with his latest howto video which shows how to adjust the AK motor height and knowing how it is fixed. Apart from the adjustment, he shows you how the motor and the gearbox interact with each other so you'll be able to understand how it works and be able to make the proper adjustments. As always, AK motors are usually for version 3 gearboxes which not necessarily be AK airsoft guns as the gearbox is also used for the AUG and G36 AEGs.

Evike PTS US Palm AK Mid Cap Mag

Matt has the new AK midcap magazine from Magpul PTS that is fully licensed from US Palm. Looks like an AK version of the PMAG, but from another maker and it's made of high strength polymer with full US Palm Trademarks. This can be used for standard Tokyo Marui and compatible AK AEGs though we have to wait for a release for the Tokyo Marui New Gen series.

LCT AK Upper Rail System Released

Previously announced last 23 June, LCT Airsoft finally announce the availability of their AK Upper Rail System (PK-213). Their latest design is an upper rail system that can fit the LCT AK AEGs and GHK AK Gas Blowbacks. The design is actually simple as they added a flattop rail on the cover of the AK and if you combine this with the LCT TX Railed Handguards can produce you AK rifles that have almost front to rear rails to rival AR platforms.

Angry Gun AK Red Dot Mount Overview

The simplest solution to mounting an optics on your AK rifle without spending much on a rail system just to mount one tactical accessory and the Angry Gun AK Mount is now at Black Ops Airsoft... "The Angry Gun MRDS Red Dot w/ AK Mount Set is a great solution for those who want a simple and minimalistic approach for attaching a red dot sight to their kalashnikov.

AK-47 vs. AR-15 Infographic

It never ends but numbers always reveal something new. Tactical Gear have come out with another infographic on the AK-47 vs AR-15 historical showdown. If you want to use this graphic, go to Tactical Gear to get the embed code... "The AR-15 has become the best-selling rifle in the U.S., while the AK-47 is one of the most widely recognized assault rifles on Earth. Both controversial weapons might be similar in appearances, but on closer observation, they are truly worlds apart.

LCT AK Upper Rail System Installation

Another update on the upcoming LCT Airsoft AK Upper Rail System (Product ID: PK-213) which is made of CNC'd 6061 Aluminium making it a sturdy upper rail. Made for the LCT Airsoft AK Series and the GHK AK Gas Blowback Rifle Series. The poster below shows how you can install the rail system which is basically a 6-step process and for the GHK you'll need to watch the adjustments to make it fit.