Taiwan Gun: Arcturus AT-PP19-1 MOSFET Edition


Taiwan Gun presents a MOSFET-equipped Arcturus AT-PP19-1 Vityaz AEG... "The mechanism is a new, reinforced gearbox compatible with Marui parts and ETU by GATE and PERUN. Quick spring change system (without pulling out and opening the gearbox), bearing spring guide, bearing piston head, full steel teeth polycarbonate piston, steel gears mounted on 8mm steel bushing to be able to withstand the highest loads.

Evike.com's Arcturus AK AEG Series Review


Arcturus Airsoft got a good line of AK AEGs that are available at Evike.com and Matt goes over this series. For airsoft players looking into Arcturus AK AEGs, they can have the following choices: Centaur, CQB, Carbine, PDW, PSD, and Rifle which should meet their requirements depending on the roles or gameplays scenarios.

Sniper-AS On The Arcturus AK K9 (S)AEG


Sniper-AS feature the Arcturus AK K9 (S)AEG (semi AEG due to German regulations) that they have at their store... "Absolute Airsoft insider tip: Arcturus Tactical! The new manufacturer offers really good airsoft guns that definitely impress with their look and performance! The Arcturus AK K9 SAEG is one of the three new Arcturus Airsoft weapons from our online shop.

L'antre Du Dingo: Arcturus HK416 F-S AEG


L'antre Du Dingo goes over the Arcturus HK416 F-S AEG which is an airsoft replica of the HK416 made for the French Army. The VFC version is in use as a training tool for the Armee De Terre... "Fun fact: This model was designed with the help of Cybergun 3 years ago when the army had made a tender to equip the forces for training. So Cybergun provided the 416 FS and 416 FC data to MOS for them to build a 416F, but it was VFC that had the final say and won the deal."

Unboxing The Arcturus AR AT-AR-01-RF AEG


Pheas Airsoft unboxes the Arcturus AR AT-AR-01-RF AEG in this video, and gives his thoughts if it matches their AK AEGs quality... "In this video, another one I have had for some time laying about, I finally get to unbox the Arcturus AR."

RWTV On The Arcturus Karambit PDW AEG


If you're looking a compact AEG, the Arcturus Karambit PDW AEG can be an option. But first, hear out what Marck has to say about this AEG in this RedWolf Airsoft TV episode... "The Arcturus Karambit PDW is named in reference to the small curved knife the Karambit. Like its namesake, this airsoft gun is small yet deadly. Packing modern ergonomics and design and works with standard M4 AEG magazines, this little PDW is ready to be taken out on the field!

Reapers Airsoft's Arcturus AK01 Project Update


Watch this update by Reapers Airsoft on this Arcturus AK01 AEG as he list the parts he used in this process... "Hello everyone, here is a little video about the update of the Arcturus AK01 with Gate Aster V3, G&G Shell, Begadi Pistonhead, Retro Piston and Begadi HopUp. Gears are used 13: 1 with 12Z Stroke and combined with a 19K Mamba."

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