Reapers Airsoft's Arcturus AK01 Project Update


Watch this update by Reapers Airsoft on this Arcturus AK01 AEG as he list the parts he used in this process... "Hello everyone, here is a little video about the update of the Arcturus AK01 with Gate Aster V3, G&G Shell, Begadi Pistonhead, Retro Piston and Begadi HopUp. Gears are used 13: 1 with 12Z Stroke and combined with a 19K Mamba."

Rock Rose: ARCTURUS AR15 E3 AEG Simple Review


Rock Rose does a quick introduction and review of the ARCTURUS AR15 E3 Carbine AEG. Made mainly of metal, it has folding sights, adjustable stock, and replaceable grips for a more comfortable hold on the pistol grip... "Introducing the ARCTURUS AR15 E3 Carbine AEG. It seems that I had taken it before and forgot to upload it, so I uploaded it with simple editing. This is a simple review that omits the details of each part."

Arcturus AK-12 ETU Airsoft Prototype


MOS Manufacturing, the company behind Arcturus, are following up the release of their AK-12 AEG with an ETU version, sending a prototype for USAirsoft to check out if it is an improvement over the first version... "I don't get the chance to take a look at prototypes everyday but when a company like Arcturus trusts me to handle one, I take that opportunity.

Arcturus wants to be the best option for AKs so this is a great step forward. Want to know why? Just watch."

Arcturus GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-TN AEG Gameplay


AirsoftNEXT INC brings out the Arcturus GR16 MOD5 AT-HT01-TN AEG to pasture. Based on the Heckler & Koch HK416A5 design, this has a reinforced gearbox with 8mm steel bushings, teflon nozzle, folding sights, and 30/130 round DMAG variable capacity AEG magazine.

Arcturus AK-12 AEG Gameplay Video By Red Army Airsoft


Alexandr brings out the Arcturus AK-12 AEG to play somewhere in Mother Russia in this Red Army Airsoft video... "In this video, I played airsoft for the first time after quarantine. Thanks to Airsoft Rus, I became the owner of an AK-12 from Arcturus, and I played with it."

Is The Arcturus AK-12 AEG The Best AK-12?


That's the question that Cisco will try to answer when he reviews the Arcturus AK12 AEG that is available from Airsoft GI... "If you haven't heard, Arcturus is the new kid state side and they are quickly making a name for themselves! With high quality internals and externals in all of their guns, they didn't make any exceptions when making the AK12! Cisco shows us all of the details!"

Arcturus AK-12 Unboxing & Overview By Pheas Airsoft


Another look at the new Arcturus AK-12 AEG in this live unboxing video (recorded) by Pheas Airsoft. An option for airsoft players looking for an alternative to the AK-12 AEG from LCT Airsoft... "The guys over at Taiwan Gun have sent me a brand new out Arcturus AT-AK12 to unbox. So we decided to do it live. The whole parcel will be unboxed live and we don't have a clue what's going to be in there, other than the ak12.

Arcturus AK-12 AEG Better Than The LCT Airsoft Version?


In this video from Airsoft Rus, they compare the two airsoft AK-12 AEGs from Arcturus and LCT Airsoft... "In this video we take a look at the AEG AK-12 from Arcturus. Let's figure out how much it copies a real AK-12, let's see what's inside and try to find out which is better than the AK-12 from Arcturus or from LCT."

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