UKARMS G39 vs Elite Force Glock 17


It's a comparison between a cheapo Glock airsoft pistol under the UKARMS brand and the Elite Force Glock 17 GBB Pistol by Reventian... "This week I compare the cheapest vs the most expensive Airsoft Glocks in the market! UKARMS G39 vs Elite Force Glock 17. One only costs $200 and the other the cost $30!"

*World's Smallest* Airsoft Pistol


Is the UKARMS G1 Spring Pistol the smallest pistol in the world at 5.5"? Not really, that distinction goes to the Tokyo Marui LCP Fixed Slide Gas Blowback pistol which is at 131mm or 5.16" in length. Anyway, check this compact springer pistol that is available at MiR Tactical for a measley US$14.99. If you know of a smaller airsoft pistol, we want to hear from you... "The best spring pistol in the airsoft community today!

UKARMS G36B: "Worst $20 Revolver"


A cheap airsoft revolver from UK Arms, the G36B Spring Revolver, gets the thumbs down from Reventian. This revolver is made of Polymer with realistic shells and cylinder. Will cost US$20 on Amazon or still cheaper at other airsoft retailers. Find out why he calls the worst $20 airsoft revolver... "Is this the worst airsoft revolver, if the company that made it Ukarms is any indication...but is the best looking revolver for under $20 on Amazon?"

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