BESTA Airsoft: GBLS DAS Platform Issues & Solutions


Spending on a GBLS DAS GDR15 AEG is a serious one as it is perhaps the most expensive AEG in the market these days. If you encounter issues, it is best that you'll be able to troubleshoot yourself and BESTA Airsoft discuss the issues and solutions with this airsoft and training weapon... "The DAS System has been a great experience so far, but like every platform, it has its issues. Along the way, we found some fixes to some of the problems so the GDR 15 keeps on shooting."

BESTA Airsoft's GBLS DAS GDR-15 Rifle Setup


Want to find out how BEST Airsoft setup the GBLS GDR-15 training weapon, which is the most realistic operating AR-style AEG in the market? Watch the video they posted last month... "Airsoft rifle setup video, hope this has some good info for you guys. If youre interesting in building your own setup."

Which? GBLS DAS Or Systema PTW?


Besta Airsoft compares two of the most expensive M4 AEGs in the market. Both the GBLS DAS GDR-15 and the Systema M4 PTWs are primarily being marketed as training weapons for both LEOs and Military organisations and for airsoft players with deep pockets. Which would pick if you have the moolah to buy one of these?

"In this video we will try to help those who are undecided between these two great platforms. One gives you the ultimate realism on an AEG the other an outstading performance."



Aryan takes a good look at the GBLS DAS GDR-15, the most realistic operating AR-style AEG in the airsoft market in this review by the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB)... "We´re glad to present you our review of the GBLS DAS GDR 15 with the Dynamic Action System, providing a realistic reciprocating bolt carrier and recoil. But is it worth it?

GBLS GDR-15 Steel Bolt Review


If the recoil of the stock GBLS GDR-15 AEG is not enough for you, there is an upgrade Steel bolt to give you more kick. The Besta Airsoft Team takes a look at this... "Review of the new GBLS GDR 15 steel bolt, a product released a few months go that gives the GDR 15 more recoil, ideal for those players that want more realism during gameplay."

POV Gameplay With GBLS DAS GDR-15


Another POV gameplay video from the Brain Exploder as he gets to further use the realitic-operation M4 AEG, the GBLS DAS GDR-15 at a local field... "What happens when you combine the most authentic airsoft replica the GBLS GD15 and my new true to life way to record in real POV? Awesomeness that's what. Check out this gameplay as I take the GDR-15 to a local field for some fast paced fast chopped gameplay to get you hyped for your airsoft weekend."

BB2K Airsoft Review: GBLS DAS GDR-15


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft gets his hands on one the priciest AEGs in the market today, the DAS GDR-15 from GBLS. Is it worth your hard earned money? Find out in this video (done in German)... "The GDR-15 from GBLS is no ordinary electric airsoft. The Dynamic Action System (D.A.S.) promises the airsoft player authentic handling and a recoil like a GBB.

BB2K Airsoft Tries The GBLS DAS GDR-15


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft unboxes and tried the GBLS DAS GDR-15 realistic operating AEG for the first time... "Electric airsoft and blowback? To this day, more than a joke when compared to Gasblowback Airsoft. The kick, the feeling and also the operation do not come close to a GBB.

The GBLS DAS GDR-15 Airsoft rifle, which I unpack today and make my first impression, promises more realism regarding operation and blowback.

GBLS DAS GDR-15 At Fubar Bundy


Fubar Bundy takes a look at the GBLS DAS GDR-15 which they now have available for those who have the budget for one... "The GBLS DAS is a ground breaking platform it functions, feels and operates like any gas blowback M4, however, with a lower that has more in common to a PTW and an upper thats half GBBR half something completely unique.

Airsoft CamMan: GBLS DAS GDR-15


With the GBLS DAS GDR15 now out of in the market, it does amaze airsoft players with its realistic operation as an AEG. The Airsoft CamMan in the UK got to take a look at it and here is their take on this AEG which is an expensive one to procure... "My friends and I take a look at the GBLS DAS GDR15. Said to be the most realistic and advanced AEG available on the market at present."

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