Why Does Everyone REALLY Hate PolarStars?


Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion (shown here with a PolarStar powered Rifle that uses an AirStock) shared this link about the controversy on the use of PolarStar-powered airsoft rifles in the field as written by Tricklowe of Jericho Airsoft... "there have been many things hated on in the airsoft community, but once Polarstars were introduced, we really had an ABSOLUTE WHINE-FEST on our hands.

Limited Edition Custom PolarStar MK18


Another Custom PolarStar MK18 HPA-powered airsoft gun from AirsoftJunkiez with more custom work done for this version as compared to the all-black MK18 the released two months back... "Limited Edition Custom Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar MK18. Comes with red Nozzle installed, S2 Banjo Fitting, Connect Grip, Magpul AFG, 603 TBB, Prowin hopup, Promi purple Bucking & pictured red dot. Limited Supplies!"

Airsoftology: PStar Fusion Engine Gen 3


The PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine Gen 3 gets reviewed by Jonathan Higgs in this episode of Airsoftology... "We're taking a close look at the originator of the modern airsoft HPA movement, the Third generation Polarstar Fusion Engine, to see what really sets it apart from from the rest of the HPA pack."

Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar MR-0014 Dark Earth


The Ares Airsoft Amoeba AM-014 is just barely out fresh from the factory but was given a major internal surgery by tech guys of Airsoftjunkiez. Calling it the Airsoftjunkiez PolarStar MR-0014 in Dark Earth, this is equipped with a PolarStar FEV2 Gen3, fires at 390-410 FPS w/ .20g with Blue Nozzle, and a rate of 20-33 BB/s as configured. This also comes with a Tenergy 7.4V LIPO Battery Pack to power Fire Control Unit.

Airsoftology: Should PolarStars Be Banned?


An interesting topic on Airsoftology Mondays regarding PolarStars (and this goes to the rest of HPA systems as well) in airsoft games... "This week we take on the BIG topic of the HPA gun bans that have been sweeping some of the fields across the US, and share our personal thoughts on the matter.

USAirsoft: Top 7 Coolest PolarStar Builds


Find out what are the top 7 PolarStar builds according to US Airsoft... "After the attention we received from the airsoft community from our first PolarStar countdown we decided by all votes to make another more unique countdown but we would have never imagined that over 100 people would submit to our countdown!"

PolarStar SOCOM Gear M82 Barrett


We've seen the PolarStar Fusion Engine used for in various airsoft bodies and even nerf guns. Now we see it installed in SOCOM Gear M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle as shown here by the French Airsoft team Tactical Blackcats... "Presentation of the Polarstar Barrett M82 Socom gear. Custom made by JB Airsoft. Paintjob by Apou Custom Airsoft. Shot with Canon 600D on the Hangar Wild Trigger field."

JAG Custom PolarStar Barrett Rifles


If you have been waiting to have a complete PolarStar Airsoft Gun to purchase, wait no more. Jag Precision announced that they just released the Barrett Rec7 Series of customised with the PolarStar Fusion Engine so it's ready to be tethered to an HPA tank out of the box. These are the SOCOM Gear Barrett Rec7 airsoft rifles made by VFC so you know the details of the externals of these.

M2 Browning w/ PolarStar Fusion Engine


Bingo Airsoftworks went heavy this time for their custom airsoft project as they took an M2 Browning Machine Gun and installed a PolarStar Fusion Engine... "Here's a video showing the M2 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion sustained rate test firing. I didn't run out of BBs, I just got tired of holding up the gun! It's shooting 450 fps w/.2g BBs at 80 psi. 23 RPS."

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