Viper Tech Colt 727 GBB Snow Test


CatgutViolin does a very quick test of the Viper Tech Colt 727 Gas Blowback Rifle in the snow if it is possible to skirmish with it given the issues with gas blowbacks in cold weather conditions... "Viper Tech (or Vipertech) airsoft rendition of a Colt 727, using a VT soft hammer spring and WA buffer spring. The magazine is a GHK stanag, filled with propane. The whole gun was left in the snow for an hour before testing."

ViperTech GBBR Colt LMG/Diemaco LSW


CatgutViolin shows his airsoft Diemaco LSW which he used a Viper Tech M16 Gas Blowback for this project... "Yeah, I got another Vipertech. This has been a 'grail gun' of mine for a while and, to my knowledge, hasn't been replicated before in airsoft. It's conceptually and functionally similar to the GHK AUG LMG, so wasn't too tough to build."

APS CAM870 Shotgun Shell Loading Guide


Airsoft YouTuber, CatgutViolin, shows how to load the CAM870 Airsoft Shotgun Shell from APS. This is the first version as there is already a version 2 released... "Here's how I load my shells, using paper cards instead of the plastic wads sold by APS. This video will show you how to load a basic 17-BB spread, taking advantage of a better gas seal to achieve comparable muzzle velocity to the 12 BBs in a plastic APS shot cup.

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