Poseidon Orion Combat 50 Mags Shooting Test


Poseidon posted a video last month testing their Orion Gas Blowback Pistol that they just released... "Brand new Poseidon SYS is equipped with patented all-in-one nozzle to increase durability. For future Poseidon new pistol models will be developed based on P-SYS. You don’t misread it, ORION still can work after 50 mags shooting testing. Even the pistol is frozen, full auto function works perfectly..."

Rock Rose: Poseidon Airsoft PPW Sniper Rifle


Rock Rose goes over the Poseidon Airsoft PPW Sniper Rifle that was released last year. This is a Gas Blowback rifle with a new hop-up unit and the Alpha+1 antifreeze nozzle. It is made of CNC aluminium alloy, with an M-Lok Handguard and Buster Sword steel vertical trigger unit.

Poseidon PPW-P18 Shark GBB Pistol Unboxing


Check out this unboxing and overview video by Airsoft Mike of the Poseidon PPW-P18 Shark Gas Blowback Pistol. The slide is made of CNC'd aluminum alloy 7075 by CNC process and it has a Polymer 80 Frame PF940V2. This is available in five different colours to suit the owner's taste.

Poseidon Airsoft Cerberus CQB AEG


Jeidanten does an unboxing of the Poseidon Cerberus CQB AEG that comes with Trident Electronic System Version 2. Following text is machine translated... "This video is am unbxoing of the Cerberus CQB AEG, and the actual operation of the Trident V2 system. Friends who like it can buy it on the official website of Jiedantian and the open auction!!! Interested players can watch the video, Refer to the outline introduction, or learn to adjust the fun of multiple shooting modes!"

Airsoft Mike: Poseidon Punisher 5 AEG Unboxing


We go back to the king of airsoft unboxing videos, Airsoft Mike as he gives a quick overview of the Poseidon Punisher 5 AEG. Poseido is an aisoft company based in Taiwan... "A huge thanks to Poseidon for sending out their latest products for me to play with! Yes 'another M4' but wait!... This one has something a little different under the hood!"

Airsoft.nu: Poseidon Airsoft MOA 2019


Take a look at some of the upcoming products from Poseidon Airsoft that will be released this year in this video from Airsoft.nu taken during the MOA Exhibition 2019... "The airsoft exhibition Poseidon had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan and showed many of their newest and upcoming products in 2020.

It's a long video but they have very much interesting products to be released in 2020. Eg. the new AEG series Punisher and upgrade parts for airsoft guns.

Poseidon Airsoft At MOA Exhibition 2019


Poseidon Airsoft are coming up with their own Punisher AEG series which like the latest generation AEGs, will come with its electric trigger system and that means it has its own MOSFET so the players can program the firing modes for the AEG. Visitors were able to test these at their mini shooting range at the MOA Exhibition 2019.

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